Thursday, April 22, 2010



Poor K-9 is obviously verklempt by the amazing array of urinal scents that abound beneath the temporary sanctuary / Pee Phone extension.
Dogs are usually attracted to the fecal and urine scents of other dogs. From where this pup is sitting, what must he be thinking????
Hahahaha..It's in shock! Wants to pee on phone but there's just SO MUCH PEE!!!
So Steve , are you saying that its the scent of L.E.S.Jewels that has delivered this pictured pooch's gaze?

Our old PAL, LES J/ The Bastard Son Of 10000 Urinals....

No, suffice to say, above and beyond his altruistic donations to the cause, the preponderance of scents, coming out of the vast plethora of DNA so graciously given in support, by so many, overshadows the stench that Joel built..... ad nausium.........
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