Sunday, March 21, 2010


Trespasser Arrested at 132 E. 7th Street Friday Night ...

Friday night a little after midnight several police cars arrived with perhaps a dozen officers at 132 E. 7th street . We were told at the time that a burglary was in progress on the 4th floor above Niagara Bar . Officers entered the building at the door right next to the large painting of Joe Strummer , climbed 4 flights of stairs and found not a burglar but a drunken trespasser . The male intruder was taken into custody , put in a patrol car and taken away.

Recently NYPD has given special attention to burglaries . Burglaries are one kind of crime that has been on the rise in the East Village . This night the 9th precinct made an extra effort to catch a burglar but caught instead a trespasser .

My Super just told me there was a proper break-in in my building not far from there.
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