Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sunday Morning Brawl on Avenue A and 7th Street ....

Something went wrong on Avenue A early Sunday morning .Somewhere between 5th street and 7th street a brawl had started . A crowd of perhaps 50 people was noisily battling it's way up avenue A . Sometime around 3:45 Sunday morning , as we walked south on avenue A , we were surrounded by this crowd of brawlers at the corner of 7th street and avenue A .
We had no idea what had started this strange chaotic and violent event but as some of this crowd of brawlers turned west on 7th street we followed . The picture sequence shown here is from one of the last of the violent skirmishes of the larger event . The location of these images is the middle of the 7th street block between avenue A and 1st avenue. We did not witness the earlier events along avenue A .
This event that we witnessed was very violent . People were not just beaten , some were stomped and kicked too . Some around us in the street where we were standing were quite actively attempting to prevent us from photographing . As can be seen from the blurs in some images , photography is sometimes a contact sport .
About the time that the pictured skirmish ended and folks were running away west on 7th street the police arrived .
Only one car with 2 officers managed to get to avenue A .We later found these officers attending to a male with a bloodied face in front of Sing Sing at 5th street and avenue A . This male was placed in an ambulance .
When we advised that there were still simmering minor conflicts around the corner on 6th street their response was that they were the only unit available . Such is frequently the case on a week end night that there is a backlog of half a dozen or so calls with all on-duty NYPD units engaged .

this crap is happening more and more. in all the neighborhoods, a group of people stomping and kicking one individual? that is really low.
then the cops claiming they had no units available? like there was something else going on in a donut shop maybe?
the criminals and assholes like this know more about police behavior than the average citizen, so it seems the low lives are really taking advantage.

I hope you make the photographs available to the precinct.

there was a man stabbed to death not far from where a friend lives on Friday night because he stepped in to stop a gang beating up a young man . They stabbed him saying, I'm taking your life because you protected his life. these are young people! they have no respect for life.
hey anonymous, this is the hood. 15 years ago this was normal for the area. Y'all bitch about gentrification, but this is the flip side of the coin. Enjoy your sushi and double frapaccino.
It was outside a bar called Sing Sing? The irony abounds.
Mike, how do you know all these fine folks weren't just finishing up an early morning sushi-dinner on Avenue A? I've got 5 bucks says 85 percent live more than a mile away from the neighborhood and by the looks of the photos, their clothes are more expensive than most of mine.

Honestly, I hope they just came from somewhere else to beat up on each other, not just some random person in the neighborhood.
Yes RG now that you mention it on the surface does.

though in this case Sing Sing is a karaoke bar and not the Ossining correction Facility up the river .
hey Mike - sorry to break it to you, fella, but the East Village ain't "the hood" no more, and it hasn't been for a long time. Go play OG somewhere else, buddy.
Animals that don't know any better.
There is a 99.9% chance that this started at Pyramid. Active Sunday nights and the clientele matches.
i would put any amount of money on it starting at the pyramid club. usually thats the source these days.
Mike says this used to be the hood and this sort of thing used to happen all of the time. Perhaps... but it was usually white druggies fighting. I don't ever recall seeing people "from the hood" in Alphabet City back in the day. But do remember a lot of squatter pre-gentrification.
Mike... Its ignorance like yours that stagnates our city, our youth, and ultimately our culture. You embrace the ghetto mentality and think its 'keeping it real'. Its really sad.

Side note, I feel bad for the innocent drivers who had to most likely come out Sunday morning to dents, scratches and footprints all over there cars.
I'm not sure why some of you seem to think 1 available patrol car is something unusual. NYPD staffing is way down and most stations are lucky if they can get 3 or 4 cars out. Response time overall is way down and as this new generation of savages starts to realize they can pull off whatever they want, we're going to see a lot more of this.
Looks like it was outside Giano. Is that where the bulk of the fighting happened?

That's between Ave A and 1st.
Looks like some diss on girls action--they don't look like they are from here.
Ya don't say?

I thought it was the actual prison.

Now you've gone and ruined the irony for me.
As it was the first warm Saturday night of the season, this is not completely surprising.

As for the NYPD...if they responded, they'd have to write a report and we all know the crime stats for the EV lately say things like this don't happen any more...

Thanks for your reporting, Bob. Without you, a lot of us would still be in the dark.
Saw a buncha kids get off the train with Canes and sticks @ Essex that night, definitely looking to beat someone down, I think it's a combo of the last few years of people being broke and possibly all the rumors of the city going broke might be true. NYC might be returning to it's heyday. Maybe. Or maybe it's just hot out.
this is not about gentrification.
this is about group/gang violence, a pack of animals assaulting one individual. this is clearly a public safety issue.

by writing "this is the hood" does that give these criminals the go ahead to continue destroying themselves and the neighborhood that they infest?

I highly doubt the attackers/scum bags live in the neighborhood.
To Mike who wrote that it's fine to beat up people and that people should get used to it: No! it's not fine in NYC or any where else. You are a complacent person and find it normal behavior. It's happening in the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Mainly they are black teen age kids whose parents have no clue where they are and also find it normal for their kids to behave this way. People are just scared to be called racists but call it what you want. Beating up innocent bystanders going home is fine? And if you try to help someone out in trouble you can end up dead, this is disgusting! This is the "Capitol" of the world? Everyday we are behaving worse than 3rd world countries. Shame on those punks that assaulted people. I'd love to send you to Rio de Janeiro or Port au Prince and see you run scared shitless.
Warriors! Come out to plaaay!
The fight started over the improper use of an adverb I'm told.

Scary event I'm sure.

Just so you know, in general the practice of Police departments in many cities to bar brawls is to roll up with sirens blaring and lights flashing, hopefully the crowd books and those left are then arrested.

You can't arrest a mob.
Just a five minute walk away is 20 blocks of project housing- I don't understand how people really think this area is 'gentrified.'
Anonymous, project housing has nothing to do whether or not a neighborhood is gentrified. Project housing is non-market, obviously, and not subject to gentrification.

And there is project housing in Midtown, Chelsea, and the Upper East and West Sides. Are those areas now not "gentrified"? LOL.

So, yes, the East Village is gentrified, and has been for 20 years.
The unspoken truth in a lot of black communities is that they let their kids become knuckleheads for the sole purpose of getting back at whites. Unfortunately for them and us is that they have just screwed several generations of their youths and turned them into packs of hooligans who only aim to be good at hustling or "getting food", which means looking for any non-black to rob, beat, rape or kill.
Look at any racial event in the past decade, its dominated by violent acts done to non-blacks. Their parents and the community doesn’t care and will never return to normalcy because too much time was passed and this sort of philosophy has become entrenched in black neighborhoods. They will continue and keep getting worse because now they measure ‘success’ by how many victims are created. Only you can help them, and help yourself by not becoming a victim at any cost, even if you have to use more stern or aggressive methods of protection.
Go by any precinct when the police are "turning" out their sector cars at the beginning of a tour. They usually run 3 to 4 cars to handle every job in the precinct over an 8 (plus) hour period. A busy Saturday night in a neighborhood as overly bar-saturated as the East Village/ I'm surprised a unit was available at all. Keep making your lame "doughnut" shop jokes. How about this; don't call 911 when your lame Vespa is stolen or someone swipes your idiotic girlfriend's purse when she leaves it on the back of her chair to go dance with her annoying friends. Perhaps then, the police can deal with a roving group of animals when they start bringing the projects to your neighborhood.
every day as i stroll through the metropolis, i lay in wait for the opportunity to shoot some dumbass in the face.

the last guy that tried to rob me ended up giving me $2500! hahaha that pussy!
Reverse Racism. Its not racist for a black person to attack a non-black,but its a hate crime if its the other way around.
How about the COMMUNITY get involved and start setting rules on these Bars like Pyramid, Sing SIng, Sutra, etc. Instead of coming on here, bitching and moaning about gentrification, and then blaming the police as if this is their fault.
Wow love the thinly veiled racism in the comments here...

I also love that when kids have street parties in the East Village there are dozens of cop cars, undercovers beating and arresting people, the 9th precinct love that kind of stuff, guess they didn't feel like getting involved when people are actually getting hurt. Not surprising, and I'm pretty sure that the NYPD's numbers in the neighborhood have NOT dropped dramatically in the last year or so, seems more like laziness to me.
Grew up with these animals on Avenue 'D'. They will always be animals cause violence is what they know and treasure. If you can't speak like a man then act ferocious cause that's the only means they have to communicate. I say fuck them and hope they all go to prison or get caught in a drive-by. Then we can watch their families and their community cry for police protection. Animals, police thyselves. Now you you know why whity wants to be as far away from you as possible.
this is what happens when you let bridge and tunnel into the city. No wonder this crap only happens on the weekends
I'm on 11th/A and really find it difficult to understand how there is only 1 unit available?! This area is full of drunks who decide to throw trash cans in the middle of the street thinking it's funny.

Summer is coming, my advice is to get extra memory cards & keep shooting. Welcome to the Jungle baby!
Intense shots. "Anger management" comes to mind. Glad I wasn't in the middle of it, but Bob had the guts to cover it.
Anonymous it is very easy to understand this problem . City funding of the NYPD is decreasing .

City development policy and the State Liquor Authority have created a bar and club fantasyland downtown , that is , a nightmare problem for NYPD .

Simply put, police resources are in short supply and what resources are currently available and dedicated to weekend patrol cannot possibly prevent with certainty the reoccurance of another event like last nights brawl .As things are now even worse can easily happen .

A certain number of units are available every weekend night . everytime one of these units is engaged then there is one less unit available for other problems that might occur .When all of these deployed units are occupied with serious weekend problems there are no units available to tend to any additional problems .

The number of total units on duty is limited by resources avilable .Funding by the Bloomberg administration of NYPD determines the police resources available for deployment at any given time.
Though it is true that a mobilization could be called for a significant event , such events as Sunday morning's brawl last for a such a short time that a mobilization would be of no use . The event would be long finished and those involved long dispersed before the mobilization could be fully established in place . .

As we see things , if Bloomberg wants the taxes from liquor consumption and partying in this bar and club fantasyland that he has allowed to be created in our community then he is obligated to provide all policing necessary to deal with all problems that can possibly happen on any night including weekend nights .

Though there are likely pertinent command and efficiency issues involved here , NYPD is not the primary problem here .
Thank you, Bob. You are the voice of reason!

The number of bars on Avenue A is out of control. It is a non-stop party, especially on the weekends. While it is bad down by Pyramid, it is also bad on the stretch between 12th and 14th.

What can we do about this? People contact the community board and the SLA and complain but we just get more and more bars.
The photos of the brawl looks more like scenes from the Jerry Spriner show.
Why are you so stupid as to hang out and watch the battle? I would think it'd be a matter of time before the bullets started flying. What are you going to say, "hey I'm a blogger, don't shoot me!"

Welcome to NYC. 9 million people. Most are assholes. Some like to fight.
That's a nice Cadillac they're pounding each other on.
Andre , we are well aware that a firearm could have come out at anytime . rounds could have been flying in all directions .We could drop and roll out of the line of fire and we could also run for cover .We did not consider it likely though that such would happen .

Over the last 3 decades we have spent some time in situations similar to Sunday mornings brawl . We haven't just blogged we have done this kind of thing for money too . Some one does have to bring these events to the general publics attention .Thus we still do this sort of thing occasionally .

We took calculated , measured actions sunday understanding from experience how people behave in such situations and calculated where we could push and where we had to withdraw . We had some confrontations and were threatened. There was some physical contact .Just because you saw the product on a mere blog doesn't diminsh the events relavence to this East Village community .
war photography in the east village...stay safe, keep shooting.
Bob, this isn't the Academy Awards so stop staying your bows about this. What you did was reckless and stupid and very naive. When animals are out-of-control they are not thinking rationally (as you weren't either) Consider yourself lucky for being lucky (and stupid) this time and next time let the animals run.
1who rwmembers , we aren't taking any bows . Someone made a statement that simply wasn't true and we answered it .
Thank you Bob. this is a serious issue in NYC.
how come it's not in the mainstream press?

is it due to the media blackout on basic public safety issues?

is the black out on serious crime such as gang/mob rampages to make Bloomberg look good? I read an article in the Village Voice about how the mayor and the police commissioner are dumbing down the criminal statistics. it takes the cops about 3 hours to respond in my neck of the woods.
Bob... What you did was not reckless and there are no bows to be taken. Its YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, and taking pictures and documenting its problems is the first step in the solution. Take those pictures Bob! Write these stories! Dont listen to some jerkoff who says you shouldnt. THis is NYC, if your afraid of the streets, then move to the farms.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous , There are many reasons that the press does not satisfy . Most importantly one must remember that the press never has satisfied .We could spew forth several thousand words on this subject with numerous examples of the failings . We are not going to do so here today in the comments though .
hey mike, it's NOT "the hood". it's NOT OK to beat on each other and act like animals. it's NOT because it's good ole NYC.

people! start taking responsibility for yourself (and for your children) and do your part to make the world a better place. the rest of us in NYC who are busting our butts to make the city and the hoods a home to be proud of don't appreciate the attitude or the behavior....especially if everyone is coming from miles away. GO HOME and ruin your own "hood".
Comment to Fred, This jerkoff gre up in the East villge before Uberjerkoffs like youever thought to move there (probably after Gulianai made it safe for pompous assholes like you). I have my right to voice my opinion about evrything going on in the LES. In-fact, I earned that the heard way. So go fuck youself many times over.
pfft that's wild. gotta love the city.
Those clubs or bars whatever they are need to be shutdown. Pyramid club and drum are constant nuisances. Me and my girlfriend never feel safe because of them. What can we do?
Well, Anonymous, if you and girlfriend dont feel "safe" then maybe you should have moved back to your suburb after you graduated from Pratt.
The Pyramid Club is basically a historic landmark. Geez.
Comment back to 1WhoRemembers:
You dont have a right to tell Bob how or what to do on his blog. Its HIS blog!! Not yours! YOu dont like how the East Village is now that crime is down, then leave.
And yes , your a jerkoff. No one cares that you "grew up", here, and where and when I came here isnt whats in question. You telling Bob how to run his blog is why your a jerkoff. You have no right to tell anyone what to do, and if you have a problem with that, meet me by Rays and we can discuss. I will be there to get a hot dog at about 1am
Fred. I would never argue or fight with an idiot who doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're". What a waste of my taxdollars trying to educate a loser like you. Enjoy the high-sodium high-nitrate animal-part dogs from Rays so that my tax-dollars can pay for you Emnergency-room visit when you have you massive heart-attack. You grizzly smelly loser. I will be outside Ray's waiting to laugh in your face.
Tomorrow friday at 7PM!
hey bob - make sure you are at ray's to get pix of the fred vs. 1whoremembers throwdown!
to 1WhoRemembers:
I hope this Fred dude kicks your ass you douche!
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