Friday, March 19, 2010


A Sign of Spring On Avenue A : A Meeting of the Minds and L.E.S. Jewels Again Drains the Lizard at the Infamous "Pee Phone"

The sap is rising , trees are budding and peripatetic Lawrence Ladoucer , direct from haranguing folks on Bedford Avenue and tonight in Tompkins Square Park , is back on avenue A expounding on Creation as an enthralled Sid "the Nazi" and L.E.S. Jewels listen.
Later , a now enlightened L.E.S. Jewels continued his personal excretory relationship with the "Pee Phone".

I thought it was called "milking the goat" ....
So Bob, those jeans Jewels is wearing look pretty clean, practically new. He's not sleeping on the streets this year, is he? At least not yet. Well, Sangria night he did, you said. Haven't seen much of Amy, is she still in the picture at Rays and so forth? Is Jewels squatting at her place, perhaps? I'd bet five bucks he's talked someone into letting him sleep on their couch...
No Tom to the best of our knowledge Jewels still camps out on a park bench or a strech of sidewalk .
... and squeezing the weezle too , Chris
You mean "choking the chicken"?
Yes , if you must Chris ....choking the chicken and there are many more ways to refer to such events . We all know them
I guess the phrase "Pitching a Tent" doesn't apply here but I thought I would just throw that out there!
Hey Bob, took this video out my window on Ave A @11; nothing compared to what you do but thought you might like it.

peace+love on Ave A, my home 8 years now.
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