Monday, March 08, 2010


One Arm Larry and FDNY Visit Ray's Candy Store ...

Saturday night One Arm Larry and 2 truck loads of firefighters visited Ray's . The firemen were polite and paid their bill . Larry was sloshed and never intended to pay his bill .
Larry ,who the night before while passed out on the avenue A sidewalk had lost his plastic prosthetic arm to some wilding youths , was hungry . He stumbled ,snotty running nose and all , into Ray's candy store hoping for free food . One Arm Larry knew the rules of the game .
As always Ray told Larry to go to the front window . At the front window ,outside the store , away from Ray's customers he would give Larry a free hot dog . Larry went to Ray's front window . Larry got his dog and he ate it . He was still hungry though and wanted more .
Larry made a second attempt to enter Ray's little store hoping to continue the game of free hot dogs . Ray, not in a good mood , would have nothing to do with such an attempt to intimidate and free load . Ray moved from behind the counter to the front and went for Larry .Ray now stood before Larry .Ray pushed Larry towards the door .Larry was too drunk to understand that there was not going to be anymore free anything for him at Ray's . Larry resisted and then got a little angry . A scuffle was in process .
Larry even with only one arm is considerably stronger and more capable of harming Ray than Ray is capable of harming Larry .Ray shoved Larry backwards . Ray then grappled with Larry . Ray had had it ; he was angry and would not tolerate Larry anywhere near his store . Ray pushed Larry backwards again .The situation was now dangerous for Ray . We with the help of 2 other neighborhood regulars broke the grapple , pushing Ray and Larry apart. Larry was taken aside and told that Ray wasn't in a good mood and that he should leave .
Larry did leave but then shortly returned and passed out in the doorway next to Ray's candy store . Such occurrences as this are all in a day's work for Ray . Operating a business such as Ray's right on avenue A next to Tompkins Square Park involves more than just preparing and selling a product . Some of the locals add an extra dimension to the ordinary course of daily business .
During all this chaos the volunteer members of the delivery team behind the counter , though likely surprised by Ray's deliberate courageous action , kept their heads and continued with their assigned tasks . The team didn't do quite as much business though as last week . The team says that it will again deliver Ray's products next Saturday .We finally got a picture of one of the delivery team on the move , delivering ...

So let me get this straight Bob. You decided to sit back and take pictures as Ray could have possibly been beaten by that slob Larry? You have no shame. Why do we sit back and do nothing as people like Larry get drunk night after night passing out in front of our doors blocking our entrances and exits to our buildings. I do not get why you act as if Jewlz, Hot dog, and shine are good people. They are a nuisance to this community and enough is enough.
We did not sit back . We put our hands on Larry and stopped a fight . we protected Ray .We were not going to let anything happen to Ray ...and we certainly are not responsible for Larry being drunk . there are of course no pictures of us entervening .

We do not picture Jewels et al as good people .Much of the time they are all adangerous nuisance . we do not support them or their drunken actions in any way . We simply picture them so that you can completely misunderstand what is actually going on
Bob, we know you do your best to document evreything and help out. Your not responsible for Larry Jewels or these other AVE A and TSP park scumb. You did good, and we as a community are proud and love to follow your work.
Keep up the good work Bob, dont let morons discourage you.
We aren't discouraged. We just have to give some of these fools a good lashing every now and then .

If it wasn't for Bob, A lot of Folks would not know what is going on Not just at Ray's but all over There is a lot of RESPECT and PRIDE for all you have done .....
Jewels, Hot Dog, Shine and all the others like them, belong in a mental hospital. they are a danger to themselves.

they are out on the streets because NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THEM.

they are the lowest of the low but they require and deserve appropriate medical attention. they should not be allowed to continue to harm themselves and any one who crosses their path.
Bob is truly Ray's champion. He has done an amazing job of helping Ray and chronicling Ray's struggle to stay in business. I don't want Bob or Ray getting into tussles with any of the local low-lifes. Call 911 next time, and let the police deal with them.
There is a concept in physics that the presence of the experimenter affects the outcome of the experiment.

Rather than simply document what is going on on Avenue A, Bob (and the rest of us who care about our friends, neighbors and community) will always step in and get involved. I refuse to allow for a different outcome by simply standing by.

"Why do we sit back and do nothing as people like Larry get drunk night after night...." you say AnonymASS? Speak for yourself!!
Well, its like the concept of feeding the animals. If Ray(and other East Villageers) stop giving free food to BUMS like Hot Dog, Larry, Jewels, etc. , then maybe they will GO AWAY.
I was on Ave A and this one Yuppie gave food to a homeless bum that was in a bank vestibule while the cops were trying to get him away.
This scumbag probably gives the homeless food, then calls the cops because he is lowering the property value. Yuppie Scum
Bob cares about the community. He brought Ray's situation via his blog to the public's attention. He does not grand stand..he cares.
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