Saturday, February 27, 2010


What's Going on Here ? ....

We assume that this window display is intended as a clever use of edgy normally forbidden language to make a statement of artistic merit .At best we see this effort as a clumsy and awkward muddled blunder .
We do not accept political correctness and the reduced , perverted vocabulary and rhetoric that goes with it as anything less than poison .People should be able to say whatever they want to say ... and suffer the consequences too.
Though we do not agree with or support much of anything that Walter says we are not offended or hurt by what is seen in this window .We are not bothered at all by the political content of some of Walter's statements .Walter has a constitutional right to express his political beliefs . We recognize though that people can be hurt and offended by what is written and said in public .
The range of subjects of Walters comments in this window may constitute an attempt to provide a context that is somehow supposed to vitiate those of Walter's messages that might normally be seen by some as offensive . Several that we have talked to though are none the less offended and angered by the content of several of these messages from Walter .
What puzzles and surprises us in this hypersensitive , politically correct East village is that no one is saying anything about what Walter says in this window .As far as we know no one has bothered to write or blog about this window . We posted another version of this window a few days ago and received one comment . Most curious .

Anonymous thinks Walter is trying to hard.
The boat sailed on the Keith Haring shtick Walter. Time to be original
I did receive several e-mails from people about these signs... no one seemed to be upset, just like, "What a moron." I went by several times to take a photo, but the gates were always down... Clumsy and awkward seems about right...
If a self promoter cries "jew" in the East Village and no one acknowledges it - did it happen?
I do like what de la vega has done in the past, am glad he's a part of the east village.

not sure what he's saying here though. I'm not a big fan of art that is shouting out loud its desire to make someone think, or to even force someone to categorize it as art, if it wanted to make people think, but hey whatever, it doesn't hurt anyone, so who cares? and this very posting, and these comments themselves are creating a response, which in turn justifies the window as a piece.
I spoke with Walter myself and asked him if the remark was meant to be anti-semitic and he said NO!
He may say no Melanie but that is not how the text reads and he put the text in the window . Its doubtful that those that created Walter and made him speak really understand what they have done when they filled their window with all that yellow paper .

Its beating the proverbial dead horse to expound any further on all this other than to say this just doen't come out as a clever enlightening window display .
Nothing offensive here, these are funny, especially the Supreme Court one :O). Walter is just a little deranged - we can't all be sheep!
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