Monday, February 15, 2010


Ray reads Omar Khayyam ....

Business has not been good this weekend . Many probably went skiing and not to avenue A . By Sunday night Ray's problems had only grown . There was one brief moment though for Ray to shine and know some joy this dreary Sunday night .
A young woman ordered some Belgian fries for her and her friend .During the process of ordering and waiting for fries Ray asked the young woman if she was Persian . Surprised by his perceptiveness she replied yes . Ray spoke to her in Farsi and she answered in Farsi . They both laughed and began a conversation.
Ray went to the back of his store to get the fries , a large order , lots of fries .He placed the unusually large order of fries before the 2 amazed young women . Then he returned purposely to the rear of the store . Ray reappeared with his cherished , tattered book of Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat . They read and discussed Omar Khayyam for 20 minutes or so almost entirely in Farsi .Ray even attempted to do some match making for the young woman with a regular male Iranian customer . The young woman declined the offer in Farsi .
Finally after the fries were finished and all were smiling the young women paid the bill , left a generous tip and walked out the door into the night .

how do you say "i cooked a shark in a ship's boiler and ate it" in farsi?
that is SO amazing! that's for recording that and sharing it with us.
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