Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Ray and Marlene in Better Times ...

Marlene (a.k.a. Hot Dog) is doing time on Rikers Island . She should be back on the street at the end of April . Ray is as most know facing eviction from his candy store on avenue A . 77 year old Ray has no pension nor has he as yet secured his Social Security benefits .
The picture above is from a better time when Ray and Marlene were friends . A short time later Marlene--laughing hysterically with a 40 ounce Budweiser in hand--slammed the steel bulkhead doors on Ray's head as he was coming up from his basement .
For this senseless drunken deed Marlene spent 3 years upstate in prison . Seriously injured Ray refused a trip to the hospital fearing what might happen to his candy store in his absence . According to the medical technicians that treated Ray that night , Ray came very close to dying in his candy store . Ray's coordination hasn't been the same since .
Ray and Marlene are no longer friends.

Great picture, Bob. I didn't know Marlene had done that to Ray. What a horrible way to treat anyone, let alone such a sweet, kind man. So Ray hasn't made any progress on the social security situation? Is it possible for him to obtain the documentation he needs to apply? He deserves that money.
finally it appears that there might be a lawyer working on Ray's SS problems .there is no way of knowing though when his benefits will be secured .

If all the efforts to save his candy store fail Ray will be in a very difficult situation with no income of any kind .
Ugh, Ray's story gets more painful the more I hear.

I must say I've put on some significant poundage lately from eating so much out of his shop...and if this helps him, I don't regret it at all.
I cant make the benefit on Sat. but Id like to make a donation. What is the best way to do this and if its by check to whom do i make it out and mail it? Thanks for covering this so well!
We don't handle the money. that is taken care of by Lilly and Haley . they can be found at the "Save Ray's" Facebook group .

If you look at the immediately previous post here at NMNL you will find links to all of this by way of EVGrieve .
If the efforts to save the shop are futile, (with no new business plan, and no capital to invest, it sure looks that way) perhaps the focus should be to raise money for Ray's future?

It really makes no sense for Ray to hand over thousands of dollars to the landlord, when that money could be used to give Ray a stake and a future after the eventual end of the store.

I know Ray want's to continue with the store, but keeping him in business is really only creating more liability for Ray, while exhausting all the god will and financial assistance that has generously been given him.
If only Skinhead John was alive to see this. He and I are reponsible for Hot Dog having the name hot dog. My friend and I smoking weed in the park in the 80's when it was not a bad thing to do as now, my buddy (Trying to sound as nerdy as possible to make fun of a friend we were talking about) said, HOT DAWG!...she was nearby and repeated it from thirty feet away(A good distance with her in mind). She was such a retard we kept repeating it everytime we saw her and she like a parrot would repeat right back then other people started doing it and years later she is still known as Hot Dog. A little FYI.
Ray is kind of one of those dudes who was like an uncle to me as punk kid in LES.I wish good luck to all his affairs.
Skinhead John fell out of a jeep on the LIE that was going 60 miles an hour....1986. RIP you crazy bastard. :)
I love good old brother Ray, this is not his first tryst with the eviction man. I remember clearly three other times when this exact outpouring of the community saved Ray. Realy he seems to need a Citizenship lawyers probono expertise more than anything else. The man has been here for a very long time. It shouldnt be extraorinarily harder than the normal hoops of USCIS fire to get him thru that....he most likely doesnt even need a lawyer...just someone who has the time to file the papers who can speak government double talk a modest amount.I am sure if the community wants Ray there he will remain. You guys are the proof in the pudding.I take my hat off to you and hope you can help this man from the LES time of legends continue on in his last of it's kind spot.
You DID NOT give Hot Dog her name.
Bob , feel free to explain the origin of her name. YOu are the best writer on this internet.
No I did not. I did start the ball rolling.If you can read I said the hood eventually knew her as that because of our joke. Dont try to claim you know unless you were there, I would know you.... and what kind of retard would be proud of or want to relate such a stupid story except for someone who actually had the bad luck to know that dumb bitch....AND a friend who died after. Dont claim you know anything. Dont talk to me. I was relating something that happened and I do not require your acceptance sir and you may have balls on the internet but certainly not if you met me. I am the real deal dude. I lived thru that shit . You are who?(I dont want an answer by the way)....everyone is dead from that time or so close they dont have an internet connection....why dont you help RAY if you are so LES. Or you probably bought the real estate BS and think it is the East Village. Grow up. Not everyone can know everything and unfortunate as it is I did unintentionally name that dumb ass voilent drunk.....Like it was cool or was not. It is not cool BTW to know violent drunks who hurt people. It was something that someone linked to me and I decided to let people know her least her name history...thanks for being such a douche bag that I will no longer post here because some weasle bag wants to think they are cool and are better friends with violent drunks and want to talk about them instead of Ray. Sorry Blog dude. I wanted to give history to your thing but I invented douchebaggery instead.Give money to RAY. help the poor dude out....sorry I had something interesting to say. Nobody is cool for knowing Hot Dog or her history...she is insane.Get it?
Leopold. stop.
Hey Jackson...I asked Bob to give the story of her name. I was saying "no way you gave her that name, in a freindly manner to get the story" Sorry if it didnt come off like that. Your making this personal? Come on, Lighten up and dont be an asshole.
We have heard many a tale of how Marlene came to be Hot Dog but we can not confirm any one story as the one true tale .No one knows the truth but Hot Dog and she's in jail .
That is cool. It came off in the wrong way.Ironic twists are not read well on the interent when you dont know the people. Sorry man.
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