Friday, February 12, 2010


More on Ray's Court Problems ...

Early today, very tired after a full 12 hours of work in his candy store , Ray went downtown to the clerk's office . According to Ray the court building where the clerk of the court's office is located though was closed because of the "snow emergency".
Later Ray called the attorney representing his landlord . According to Ray the attorney told him( we hear the Klaxon and see red lights flashing here) that if he paid February's rent by Tuesday the dispossess action against him would be ended .Without the February rent being paid Ray has no lease for the month of February .
Ray said that the attorney also told him that he would have to install the NYC building code compliant kitchen hood with grease traps , fire suppression system , exhaust blower and duct to the roof to satisfy the landlord . He of course could quit cooking his big money maker Belgian fries as an alternative acceptable to the landlord . The attorney also noted that a general commercial liability insurance policy for Ray's candy store was required to satisfy the landlord .
At this time Ray does not have enough money to pay the rent Tuesday morning . It would be a miracle for Ray to make enough this long week end to make up the difference . Ray needs help and some good luck .

is there a restaurant out there closing down that would donate their old one to Ray? or could he get the ventilation system from materials for the arts/
Why would any restaurant that closed (presumably because they had monetary issues) "donate" anything to Ray when they could just as easily sell the goods for money? Ray is not the only person in this city that is having financial difficulties.
"Permanence is an illusion." -Buddha
This applies to Ray's too.

How did the delivery system work last night?? I saw crowds at Ray's last night--I among them.
It didn't work Melanie .
sounds like he needs to find another product that doesn't involve deep frying. it's not the landlords fault, really....he needs to be compliant with city codes. really sad.
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