Friday, February 05, 2010


Con Edison Pulls and Chops Cable While Ray Packs Fries and Tells Big Fish Tales ...

Thursday night Con Edison was at work out front of Ray's Candy Store .Using an assemblage of hardware suggesting a harvesting machine fancifully melded with a serious set of chomping steel mouth parts and a drilling rig , the work crew pulled an old 3 inch cable from a conduit below avenue A and chopped it into foot long pieces . The chopped cable pieces , mostly copper , were dumped into a large container on the bed of a heavy truck to be hauled away and sold as scrap . This copper scrap to be melted down and recycled .
Inside Ray's store , Ray was busy packing Belgian fries for a customer and telling his friends that would listen a sharks tale .
Ray claimed that while serving as a boiler fireman 3rd class in the Turkish Navy he often caught and ate shark . In the bowls of his ancient retired British navy destroyer that had been passed on to the Turkish navy , down in the boiler room everything was hot . Ray said that many things were in fact too hot to touch . A sailor had to be careful ; thoughtful and deliberate in his moves in this little boiler room world or he could be cooked . It was hot and Ray used that heat at times to cook fish .
Ray told his listeners of how before he went on duty he often left a line and baited hook over the side trolling. Later when he had some time free he went to check the line .Ray and a sailor with an ax pulled the line up the side of the ship . When a sizable fish , usually a shark , was pulled on deck the sailor with the ax severed with a blow from his primitive but sharp edged tool the head , with it's large mouth and sharp teeth , from the silver gray fishy torso .Care was necessary ; the shark could chomp on the incautious right there on the deck and wiggle free with a mouthful of sailor , overboard , returning to it's briny world .
The headless shark was taken below to the boiler room . Somehow , Ray wasn't clear about this , the shark was placed in or near the white hot heat of the boiler's firebox . In 10 seconds the fish was removed . The outside was charred black , the deep interior , the guts , was cold and inedible but the fleshy part in between was perfect for consumption .
All as told by Ray on Thursday night in his candy store.

i love this
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