Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Prices Go Up at Ray's Candy Store and Some Advice From Lilly and Slum Goddess Concerning How to Help Ray ...

Ray was busy crossing out old prices and replacing them in desperation with new higher prices tonight hoping to increase his business revenues . The $2 fries will no longer be served at Ray's . Other prices rose too.
Ray claims that he met with his landlord and that the landlord was not very sympathetic . According to Ray the landlord has too many tenants not paying rent these days and that he expects Ray to pay his rent So it seems there will be no grace period for Ray and his candy store and thus the future is ever so uncertain .
Some have wanted to contribute to help pay Ray's rent . We have heard from Lilly who tells us that folks can go to a Facebook group titled "last ditch effort to save Ray's"to contribute to a PayPal account .
Slum Goddess also has some info on a contribution site here:
There may be other sites besides these but we know nothing of them .


the group is now called "save rays" as its more positive

also, if your subscribers are interested in donating the paypal is under

much love,
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