Friday, January 29, 2010


For Those Who Really Know the Chess Tables in Tompkins Square Park

Does anyone know where Emile, the crazy old dude who was always at the chess tables a few years back, went?
Is he the Polish guy who flirts with the girls??If so I think I saw him yesterday in the park.
Nice shot Bob--I never noticed this sign. Too high up to read. I also just noticed the Temperance Fountain sign too--way up as well--
Stay warm and thanks for all the coverage you do so well. Have a good weekend too.
It should read:

These tables are for drug dealing and the gathering of felonious nare do wells only. There is a two hour limit so that chess players may alternately use the tables while we reload our cameras, and make arrests.
Thank you,
NYPD 9th Precinct.
Emile was ousted from his apartment on 12th street,about 8 years ago...he subsequently went to an old folks home in Queens;where i visited him...he passed on there,apparently of natural causes,about 6 years ago...RIP Emile....
Heroin joke in 3...2...
Crazy Jay, Emile died? Do you know the name of the home he was in? Was there an obit? I have searched for info on him on the net and never found anything.
What happens if someone feels like playing chess for 2 hours and 15 minutes? Or if they feel like doing something else at the chess table, like eat some food, read a newspaper, etc. What if nobody wants to play chess -- must the tables sit empty? What if a person under 10 feet tall failed to see the city's new sign? Is there a "chess table" squad surveilling the area?

I remember a well-publicized NYPD operation years ago, wherein they busted a bunch of chess players in Bryant Park who had the nerve to make a mutual agreement between consenting adults to play their chess games for a couple of bucks "just to make it interesting."

This TSP sign is more childish over-regulation of traditional New York activity by an ever increasing nazi-police state looking for bodies to feed the beast by making arrests, revenue in the form of fines, and free slave labor by sentencing a "perpetrator" to "community service."

Our tax dollars at work, folks!!
About Emile...don't know if there was an obit??? But,the home was in East Elmurst,New York...that's Queens;somewhere near LaGuardia Airport,(very close to the airport actually...good luck,and let me know how your search turns out...take care...Emile was my good friend!!! RIP Emile....
yeah right
Attn: Chris Flash...
As much as I agree that there is way too much government, and that govt needs to be less in our lives...
The NYPD is NOT enforcing the chess table 2 hour limit unless someone calls 911 about it.
Anyone calling 911 about a person or persons exceeding the 2 hour limit at the TSP chess tables would be just as crazy as the lunatics who have been calling 911 to complain about McDonalds running out of chicken nuggets!! (This has really happened several times across the US!!)

I took a look at the warning sign today -- not only is it posted too high for the average person to see, the sign is posted nowhere near the chess tables!!

Doesn't the Parks Dept and/or NYPD have ANYthing better to do????
under fascism everything is illegal and enforced selectively.
And Yes, the NYPD and Parks dept have better things to do I would hope. But the NYPD, and the FDNY to evrey 911 call. The 911 operators cant just hang up on you. If you call about the Chess tables, they will come.
What about Parks Enforcement? I see them in Central park, but never TS Park. They wear a green uniform I think. I dont know if they have guns like the cops.
I knew Emile. He wasn't happy about it cuz he liked his freedom but the nursing home was the best thing that ever happened to him...finally a chance for him to get off drugs. Would've died sooner if it wasn't for the forced detox.
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