Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Choice and Dave at Ray's Candy Store

Ahhh! Christopher "Choice" Keppel and David "Crazy Dave" Lawrence.
Follow their zany adventures on

I have to say, it kind of drives me crazy that Choice is a "celebrity" on this site.

He is a total asshole, has repeatedly harassed my friend, and got incredibly aggro with me when he asked for change and I politely said I didn't have any.

Not sure if has mental issues, or if he has a substance abuse problem or what - but screw him.
"Choice" and his behavior is a fact . We record facts when we can .

He certainly can be very annoying and even threatening when he is drinking .This is Booze at work here. It is so with many folks on avenue A and in TSP. Not a good thing for anyone
That is the thing about substance abuse.

It overtakes the persona of those who fall prey to it.

Unfortunately, it is never exclusive as to how many become the victim of a single addiction problem.

I believe that what Bob does here, is share the antics of various demons running rampant on the LES.

Making no excuses for individuals, I can say from experience that those who lose themselves in intoxication bear little resemblance to their actual self when interacting under the influence.

This actually would be a great blog of reference for anyone effected by addiction. Either in the first person, or by proxy.
Hey Bob, that's my comment about Choice earlier, I didn't mean it as an insult to your site - which I love.

More than anything, I am just disturbed that there is an obvious addict, who I have had encounters with well into the hundreds. Initially, he seemed charming enough, but in the last year or so, he has really been aggressive, rude, and scary to some of my female friends. So much so, that I have walked them in and out of my apartment because they were so scared of him b/c of repeat harassment.

I recognize that this behavior may well be a symptom of substance abuse/addiction or mental disorder - which is truly sad, because he may need help. What's also sad is that this doesn't excuse the behavior that has terrorized several of my female friends, and similarly - after attempting to menace me, I thought I may face an actual fight for my first time in 10 years of the E.Village/LES. Luckily I was able to diffuse the situation while maintaining my cool.

So - Bob, sorry if I offended you, I love your blog and think you are amazing at capturing the reality of our neighborhood. I just wanted to give a follow up with some context to my post.
We were not offended by your comment annonymous .
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