Sunday, January 31, 2010


Avenue A Saturday Night Ice Cream Fights ...

For all the 5 minutes of shrill fuss not much damage was done . There was some grappling and a roll in the gutter . But we didn't see one good punch land squarely anywhere that counted . Though they all scuffled on the infamous avenue A sidewalk-a venue with a long history of hard core battlers fighting with knives and guns-no one in these 2 groups seemed to know much about fighting .This night the weapon of choice was Ray's ice cream .
We were told that unpleasant words had passed lips over Belgian fries in Ray's . Then a bit later outside on the sidewalk more was said . Someone called someone "faggot". This we heard . A bellicose female charged first and several others were to follow .
As far as we know no worse than bruised egos and hurt feelings was the result of this minor avenue A donnybrook ...and perhaps the dry cleaners bill to remove all the smeared Ray's ice cream. Later someone had to clean the sidewalk too .

The blond gal trying to block us from taking photos of this pathetic hipster melee looked an awful lot like 70s porn star Nancy Suter....
Ice Cream Madness!!!

When will Ray stop enabling those addicts of frozen confection?

If he was not selling that violence in a cone, we would not have this type of thing going on in an otherwise sedate or should I say sedated neighborhood.

Ice Cream is the match.

Sherbet is the fuse.

Gelato is the bomb!

Stop Ice Cream abuse before it over runs the LES! Before it makes it's way to your home! One scoop is too many, and one hundred is never enough.

This has been a public service announcement from Ice cream anonymous.

We will be having our 12 Flavors meeting this week with guest speaker Mr. Softee.
When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way! From your first soft serve cone to your last parfait!
More proof to my hypothesis!

The Jets, a Hells Kitchen street gang of musical and movie fame, were based out of Doc's candy store, which just like Ray's, dished out the evil ice cream.

Tony, who worked for Doc, found his final destiny at the end of a Shark wielded knife. It was actually the brain freeze that caused him to lose balance and fall into the otherwise only threatening spike.

Earlier in NYC history were The Bowery Boys of East Side Comedy. Another mischievous group of nare do wells who hung out at Louie's and also partook of the demon ice cream soda.

Does anyone know what happened to Satch in real life? He died in the gutter.

I scream
You scream
We all scream
For Ice Cream

Lest ye be warned........
Steve, I think you're referring to the ex-prize fighter of the 20s-30s who was found on a NYC street in the 70s.

As for Huntz Hall, according to Hall (he died in 1999) has been content in retirement, with occasional film and television work (not that he needed the money; in addition to owning 10% of the Bowery Boys pictures, Hall made some wise oil and gas investments that paid off handsomely).
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Hey Steve,

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