Monday, December 28, 2009


Where is G ?

This most recent photo was taken in March of 2009 . Times were very difficult for G then . Shortly G or variously Gesus and Geezus disappeared .
People have been asking about him , where he is and how he is . We hope better . If you know anything about G leave a comment .

Someone told me they ran into him in California..Sf or Oakland and he looked like he was doing good a few months ago..
I ran into "G" in Berkely California on Telegraph a few blocks from the University, a few months ago. He was sober and looking well. He was traveling with another guy and I think they went to LA.
Glad he is doing well.

Haven't seen Bailey in awhile. Anyone know how she is doing? Hopefully she is off the streets.
Great, I hope he stays away. I'm glad he's 'better' though.
"ran into" ? It is a shame you didn't "run over" him :)
preferably while he was sitting on Choice's lap with the "drink thief" giving him a massage. Avenue A would be a much finer place if you did ;-)
That would be like killing three stoned birds with one... I mean three birds stoned with a... ahhh! forget it!
I just heard from Toasty,who is now in El Paso Texas,that he ran into "G" in Portland,Oregon a few weeks back Bob...apparently,he was doing okay. Also,for "anonymous#1",I saw Bailey about a week ago by Odessa's,and she seemed just fine...Happy New Year all!!!!
Bailey is still around . I saw her a few days ago.
I "found" the drink thief!
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