Thursday, December 10, 2009


Strange Happening Atop the Infamous "Pee" Phone at 7th Street and Avenue A Wednesday Night

In suburbia they have Lawn Jockeys.

On the LES they have Phone Felons....

Can you picture Jewels replacing the Garden Gnome on those popular TV commercials???????
I was hoping for an alien abduction here . a sort of beaming -up . But then a garden gnome is a satisfactory alternative S.
Try imagining the phone booth as a very large mushroom with a gnome atop it .
This gnome would have eaten the mushroom, hoping for psilocybine.

Or better yet.

We all know what mushrooms grow on.

Here we have the opposite going on....
It'll be surprising if he survives the winter....

....who'd miss him anyway?
My brain cannot process this. On TOP of the Pee Phone. Wow.
I'd miss him
Unless I was aiming at him.....
Perhaps he's a bodhisattva shining in the light of true knowledge , eshcewing the acheivement of nirvana to stay on avenue A to help us , in great compassion , with our want of the light of true knowledge .
Then again perhaps not .
Forgoing the Top Of The Mountain, for the Top Of The "Pee" Phone, I once made the journey to see this most wise sage. When I asked him how I could achieve nirvana, he said that I was too late, and that the band had broken up.....
"But soft, what wind through yonder phonebooth breaks?
It is the pee phone, and Jules is the culprit.
Arise, fair Jules, and kill the envious 40 oz,
Who is already half empty
That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she

how the hell... ? :O
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