Thursday, December 03, 2009


Fire in Basement Apartment at 417 E. 9th Street ...

Around 4 PM Thursday afternoon a fire broke out in an apartment in the rear of the basement at 417 E. 9th street .One male was injured in the fire and was taken to hospital . It was reported that the male had regained consciousness on the way to the hospital .We have no additional information concerning the injured male's condition .
This apartment was one of two apartments in this basement that were located behind the space once occupied by Cafe Gigi . The building was not evacuated and damage was limited to the interior of the basement apartment .On examination later in the evening it could be seen that the fire damage was limited to a small room containing a bed and some furniture .This bed and other furnishings were seen to be significantly charred . There was some question among officials at the scene concerning whether the basement apartment was a legal residence and whether it had adequate means of egress.

Gigi has been an empty space for too long, what gave? Spite? Who owns the bldg?
Jacobson owns the building . They own a number of buildings in the area .
I'm a 32 year tenant and painter! Here's a link to my art blog
paintings of tompkins square park and the b/c gardens

whenh sinister thoughts roaming in the heads.... :-) om it on out :-)))))
did anybody take any photos of this fire , like of the firefighter rescueing the guy who needed cpr? they ended up saving his life. some pictures for those guys would be good i think
No one is sure yet they "saved his life" he is still in ICU and fighting for his life every single second of everyday... Please pray for him... It turns out the fire started due to faulty electrical wiring in the wall :(
Does anyone have anymore information about this or the injured male?
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