Thursday, December 10, 2009


Confrontational Moments at Odessa Bar Wednesday Night ...

L.E.S. Jewels and Choice had some run-ins with the police Wednesday Night on Avenue A . The boys had a few beers and malt liquor brews including a new Sparks-like drink and were over the top creating some edgy confrontations in and around Odessa Bar .Of course the bartenders called the cops . Irritated 9th precinct officers showed up at the scene , argued with the boys and then told them to take a walk . Of course Choice and Jewels always came back later ... and so did the cops .At least 3 times .

Choice? Nice name! What a loser! Im sure he is a disappointment to his parents, as well as that nasty girl he is with. Euthanasia should be legal on Ave A.

PS Where is HOt Dog?
Garden Gnome meets Lawn Jockey.

All you need now are some Pink Flamingos....
Why is Jim Carrey wearing a uniform?
When there are no more drunk NYU kids to roll, choice will leave Avenue A
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