Monday, December 07, 2009


Cold Light of a Cold Winter Monday

Beautiful photo. Where did you take it? Miss seeing you. Too cold to hang out. I guess I can find you all in Mars Bar??Or Lucy's??
The sun coming up from the east. Brings both light and warmth to those out in the cold. How I remember that so well....

Tompkins Square Park opening at 6:30 am so as for a place to sit and appreciate the warmth of the new sun light.

Fortunately, the minor cold here in California is palatable, especially when one has a place to call their own and especially with heating, although it's need is minor here.

God Bless all who are not so fortunate, and still wait for the sunshine to come over the on the LES.

Thanks for the memories Bob. It makes me appreciate what I have now.
Melanie the pic was taken at 4th and avenue A .winter is here ,right ?
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