Friday, December 04, 2009


Another Sweet Treat Shop in the Old Wolinin Funeral Home Space ...

Once upon a time there were enough folks dying in the neighborhood to support two funeral homes on 7th street .Neighborhoods change though , folks were dying in smaller numbers , so several years ago one of those homes ,Wolinin , closed . Thanks to the fact that there are still enough folks dying in the neighborhood the other funeral home , Jarema, is still in business .
Now on 7th street the Wolinin space that was used to display the dead and sell caskets is used by Butter Lane to display and sell cup cakes and soon Xoom will also use a portion of the Wolinin space to display and sell smoothies and infusionals .

Man! that's morbid.

But I suppose that with all of the Cardio clotting that Butterlane is promoting, the numbers will soon rise.....

I kid, I kid.... or do I?
it was a great funeral home. these places are, of their ilk, crap.
This new joint has misspelled "DOOM."
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