Thursday, November 12, 2009



I miss the LES so much. My landlord is trying to fuck me over royally, but what can I do? I had to return to the Midwest to get clean.

Funny, all my associates abandoned me save for one supplier, a genuinely decent, not to mention rather intelligent, kid from the projects who used to hang out in my modern, fru-fru-ey doorman mid-rise. I plan to get him far away from Ave D once I am re-established (I am straight and have no creepy motivations). This kid would be at MIT or Yale right now if he were born on the Upper West Side.

Everything said, done and regretted, I miss downtown Manhattan. She destroyed me, but I loved her any way. I worked so hard to escape the rust belt and attend an Ivy, then was rewarded beyond my family's comprehension for my efforts. I made the mistake of marrying an ambitious foreign girl, and paid a price that most men could not even imagine bearing. Now I cannot even tell people how much money I made (they would either disbelieve or kill me). I only wonder how one can survive in such a lonley place sans family, sans spouse without falling prey to the poppy or her relatives???

This photograph means so much to me -- longing, pain, desperation, glory, loss,..., catfish taco on a summer night. Thank you for posting it.

Anyone have any advice for facing a slumlord over a non-regulated unit that I left before the end of a lease? I am terrified that a default judgement will be given and I can never return to this paradise called lower Manhatten. Middle America lives with blinders on. I face the horror of knowing such a wonderous, diverse, powerful place, and with terror, fearing that I shall never return. It is as if St. Peter gave me a day pass.
Life's a bitch and then you die.
Anyone have any advice for facing a slumlord over a non-regulated unit that I left before the end of a lease

usually they don't do anything, but if they do counterclaim for more money. make it worth your while to go to court
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