Monday, November 23, 2009


Sunday Evening at Ray's Candy Store

That's funny--but Jay could probably translate that into Greek you know.
Never before have I seen that T shirt so eloquently presented, both adorning a punk rock godess and pointing in the direction of one so worthy of the age old adage.
Hi Melanie,

Jay is an old friend of mine.

I am quite cognizant of his infinite intellect. But as an old friend / partner in crime, I have the poetic license to post jocularity at his expense.

You should hear the stuff he says about me...... :-)
S. Malanoski--Hi--I was photographing the "Extras" for "Making It In America" today when Jay walked into the picture--making it perfect--one real East Villager amongst the extras--check it out on my blog't mean to publicize my blog but the photo is so fitting and it is ofJAY!!S's partner in crime.
Hi again Melanie,

I just visited your blog, saw the Jay photo and left a comment.

His cameo appearance should have been included in the filming.
S. Malanoski--I did ask if they needed any "Extras". But they feigned not knowing.
Happy Gobble Gobble To All---Thanks for the great comment.
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