Friday, November 27, 2009


Pizza Making a Comeback at Ray's ?

Are they as tasty as his botulism infected hot-dogs? Yum-yum eat 'em up! ;-)
You can only get the botulism if you order it as an extra topping.

It costs extra....
I think I'll stick with Ninos.
Seriously, Ray's is absolutely vile. The picture of Ray making a batch of waffle batter in a pail using "Aunt Jemima's Complete" mix is quite informative. Real Belgian waffles are actually made using dough, not batter; but even decent American waffles are made using eggs and milk, not a "just add water" mix. Ray offers you the chance to enjoy what is basically an Eggo in the most unhygienic setting possible. Gem Spa is okay for an egg cream but Ray's? The only reason to go is the chance of catching a glimpse of Eden in passing. Sorry Ray, 2 thumbs and a big, betwixt-the-legs-hanging middle thumb down.
Wow, no need to be a dick about it.
You can only get Eden, if you order her as an extra topping.
Christ on a Crutch, Girthy!
Yeah, like that water eggcream..har!
Ray's eggs creams are the are the frozen yogurt and shakes and malted milks and fries-yo
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