Thursday, November 26, 2009


One Night at Ray's Candy Store ...

Marlene (a.k.a. Hot Dog)

Jim , Anthony and O.D. (a.k.a. Over Dose and Ohrman Davis)

Richie Snoozes at Leshko's

Anthony "The Nazi" and John "The Communist"

Anthony and Lawrence


This summer night in 1996 the cast of characters at Ray's was much the same as it would be today . Anthony and O.D are deceased but all the others regularly visit Ray's today .
We don't recollect much of the detail of this evening but it seems to have been a typical evening . Lawrence has pronounced on his revelations having said something to turn a crowd against him . The police are making an arrest and Anthony "the Nazi" and John "the Communist" are drinking together again .
Anthony was the real thing , a real Nazi . He also claimed to be a Republican . Anthony owned a small video library of Adolf Hitler speeches . Anthony studied these video tapes and practiced speaking as the Fuhrer did . He often performed a Hitler speech on avenue A ,in English , with all the appropriate gesticulation .He was occasionally beaten by neighborhood folks for his Fuhrer performances .We also note that a couple of years later Mordecai Levy of the Jewish Defense Organization came to the East Village looking for Anthony and his Nazi associates .
Finally we note that those holding coffee cups are not drinking coffee . In these distant times Ray unlawfully sold 40 ouncers of Bud , Balantine , Heineken and Rhinegold .

Ray has TEETH! My world has just been turned upside down..
Ahhh! The good old days...

The problem with Ray's having to have had gone on the straight and narrow as far as not selling state and federally controlled items such as beer and even cigarettes for awhile, is that folks brought attention to it by "Blowing Up The Spot."

Even today, Ray's is a reference point for the authorities looking for naredowells.

He should figure out a way to capitalize on the fact that nothing goes unnoticed at his store front.

Need Publicity? Advertise here and let us "Blow Up The Spot" in the name of your product......
Yes indeed he did have teeth Eden. You are the first to notice and comment .Sorry no prize this time though
Is it just me, or does Ray look an awful lot like Freddy Kruger in that last pic?
Commies and nazis make strange bedfellows. So when do Anthony and John divide Poland??
They never did Poland , just the 40 ounce Balantines.
HI Bob, I'd just like to say that I love reading your blog and looking at all the old photos from the neighborhood. I guess I could be considered part of the problem since I only moved to NY about 11 years ago from upstate, but I recognize the changes from the village and how the soul of our city is being lost. Thank you for sharing.
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