Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Mumia Still Seen on Avenue A

Great photo! One societal deadbeat wearing the image of another societal deadbeat! When Mumia finally walks "The Green Mile",any chance we can have this guy sit on his lap? ;-D
He likes Mumia and hates gentrification and wine bars. I get the feeling his apartment smells like loneliness....
loneliness and cat pee.
This Stalinist parasite poses as a "revolutionary," but lives on a monthly gov't. stipend by merely stating that he's mentally unfit to work! Wherever there's a free meal being served, he's there, stuffing his ever-expanding pot belly, giving absolutely NOTHING in return.

This self-deluded psycho is a political DIS-organizer, disrupting meetings, spreading falsehoods about others and berating anyone who disagrees with him (I've seen him get his ass kicked oh so many times!)

The LES is generally tolerant of misfits and odd-balls like him, and he takes full advantage of this. Unfortunately, by hanging around legitimate activists who should have run his ass out of town on a rail (after tarring and feathering him) a long time ago, this turd has made us all look bad.

I could go on and on....
Actually Chris he isn't a Stalinist . He is a Trotskyist a very different breed of cat .
If by "Trotskyist" you mean poor tipper, then I agree.
"Permanent revolution" hmmm...
I would settle for semi-regular bathing ;)
I've heard this walking cesspool rant about Stalin in glowing terms....all sorts of pretentious horseshit in his head spews forth, all of which means nothing....
Ah , true ,oh so true but being a serious anti-Stalinist earned Trotsky, creator of the Red Army , an ice pick in the head . Perhaps Karl gets his heroes confused .
Yikes! Jules poops in public and he doesn't get vilified like this
I bet he is an Obama supporter too.
Lynne Stewart's mustache sure is getting darker
Hey AnonymASS,

You're not fit to eat Lynne Stewart's shit!!

All you think you "know" about the charges against her comes from the same mindless corrupted disinfotainment mainstream media that sold the Amerikan public on the phoney justifications for invading two sovereign nations, which even they later admitted were false.

The fact is that Lynne Stewart is being used by the "Justice" Dept. to intimidate other attorneys who might get the silly idea that a conversation between an attorney and client is PRIVILEGED no matter what, even if the gov't that doesn't think so has suspended civil rights under the guise of "fighting terrorism!!"

I'm sure a narrow-minded pinhead like yourself wouldn't, but for anyone interested in knowing the truth, we covered the full story behind Lynne Stewart's legal troubles in the SHADOW.
Is Bush really at fault for Lynne Stewart's grooming troubles? The unchecked illegal immigration from Pacific Rim countries has brought the price of waxing and threading within reach of everyone ;-)
You're dumber than a lump of dog shit....

AnonymASS said...

Is Bush really at fault for Lynne Stewart's grooming troubles? The unchecked illegal immigration from Pacific Rim countries has brought the price of waxing and threading within reach of everyone ;-)
Chris? Dumber than a lump of dog shit? I see we have another fine graduate of our free collegiate educational system... tell me,which community college did you get your sheepskin from? And by the way...you're a poopy head...take that you swine! :-0
As they used to say on the playground "if you like her so much, why don't you marry her!"

I'm sure Ramsey Clark could use the help shaving her back! :P
Why present anything factual when you can make insults behind the cloak of anonymity??....so very brave of you, AnonymASS!!
Fact: Lynne Stewart has whiskers

Fact: Our Marxist pal looks a lot like her (slimmer though)

Fact: You get pretty whiny when someone other that Bush gets made fun of ;)

Adage: The man who buys ink by the barrel should not argue with the man who has FIOS
Happy Thanks Giving, all you cryto-socio-marxist(Trotsky flavored) rebels! Spare a thought to poor old Lynne eating turkeyloaf down in the Fed clink down on the Bowery :)

and it is MISTER anonymASS to you pal ;)
I had a dream last night. Johnny Cash was singing "Folsom Prison blues" while Lynne was rattling the bars of her cell with her horrendous yellow toenails. She was yelling "filthy screws!" and cursing at the bulls, all to take attention away from the escape tunnel she was digging (with the previously mentioned curled, stained and fungus ridden toenails). The tunnel was hidden behind a poster of her secret love - George Will. What do you make of that?
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