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Man Identified as Mugger Returns to Avenue A Tuesday ...

Adele often stands in the afternoon and early evening on avenue A just to the north of the 7th Street entrance to Tompkins Square Park .Adele regularly says to all passers "God bless you" and some help her with a small remuneration .
Recently , according to witnesses Adele was mugged . These witnesses identify the one visible un-obscured face pictured above as the mugger .Adele was not hurt but she did lose her money to the mugger . For whatever reason Adele denies the mugging happened but our witnesses saw the mugging and later some even meted a summary punishment severe enough that the mugger left the neighborhood . It is not clear as to how much money was involved nor whether it was returned to Adele . Tuesday afternoon the man identified as the mugger was back on avenue A and in TSP .
Adele has lived in the neighborhood for many years . She has helped the homeless in TSP with clothing handing out socks , underwear ,shoes ,etc. at the chess table area for many years . She has assisted with charitable activities at Graffiti Baptist Church for years . Times have recently become more difficult for Adele and now to add to the difficulties , this miscreant is back on the block .
For a picture of Adele on avenue A and more :

I imagine calling the police won't do much good if she's keeping the attack a secret.
No , most likely Adele is afraid of what might happen if she says anything .
Why block out his face?

Show it to the public as to let folks know exactly who and what is in their neighborhood.

If you like, send me the unblocked pic, and I will give the guy his own blog.

Just a thought......
S , its the unblocked face that is the mugger . The rectangle simply removes all but the culpable from view.
I stand corrected!

Good job on showcasing the asshole.

I hope that some of the TSP regulars will treat him accordingly.

People should not be afraid to report being taken advantage of.

I highly suggest that some of the crew on Ave A that likes to start fights with people, be informed of this guys mo and likeness.
I like this blog, and I appreciate the many ways it serves the LES community and teaches (or tries to at least inform) the world at large about the unique people and processes in one little part of the biggest city in the USA.

That being said: using this blog as a tool to essentially mete out "justice" could be (is?) dangerous. I respect Bob, his work, and his role in the community. And to my mind, this is probably the best way to handle this threat to Adele and the LES community at large.

But seems like Bob is acting as the sole judge and jury. Maybe he just has an axe to grind against this guy, and this is how he fights back?

Again: I'm not saying this approach (ID criminal & report on their crimes) is wrong...or right. I'm just commenting, and putting it out there for discussion.

I'd love to hear what some longtime LES people think...
Yes DefChef we've taken a stand here . we know adele for a long time . We know the witnesses and we know who meted justice here .

what we've done here would be frowned on by many in the journalism trade but then we aren't really journalists .

We are satisfied that what happened ,happened as described .This is like standing on your stoop and seeing somebody back on the block that has been messin' with the old folks , taking their very dear spare change. you let all the important folks know who's back and you run the bastard out of the neighborhood .this is not a court action with public authority being used inappropriately . In this and so many other neighborhood security issues this kind of action is all that works .
and DefChef we are not promoting vigilence societies . they indeed can be quite dangerous . Its just that reporting crimes and characters alone does not accomplish much of anything at this level of street problem .

Adele's fear of acknowledging that she was mugged is likely not due to fear of reprisal . there is a lot more here than you are aware of .Other complications likely informed her descision to deny the crime against her .We will not discuss these issues here in public .
Bob - I appreciate your reply, which was pretty much what I expected. Again, I'm not judging, just looking for more understanding...and since you've chosen to open this up for discussion by putting it out on the web for all to see & comment on, I imagine at least part of the intent behind that is to explain the LES and events like this to the rest of the world.

Anyway: you say there's more to this story than you can discuss here. Fine. But you also say that this is "not a court action with public authority being used inappropriately."

I would have to think that yes, this IS a court (of sorts), since you (and others?) have determined (somehow) that the guy in the picture is guilty.

And as for whether or not the "justice" administered was appropriate or not, how can readers be sure of that if they don't know the whole story - only what you've chosen to write, for whatever reason(s).

Again, no disrespect intended, either to you or yr community, and I'm not judging you, yr actions, or your blog as journalists or as people. I'm just questioning the process of putting this info out there and saying (basically) that "this happened, and it was handled the right way because I say so."
we're not saying that this was handled the "right way " . It was handled . that is what we have presented . there was a solution , right or wrong .

Some may not like the "summary" nature of the action and its presentation . It may offend their sense of a proper order , so be it .

Most of the folks at the chess table are not a fan of this guy . He is not a park regular and he was not in the neighborhood this day with charitable intentions . take a look at the very thin person right nextto him reaching into a wallet.He was in and out of the chess table area intently looking and looking for something .If he needs some cash for that something will he mug Adele again ? Probably not thanks to the actions of a few folks that took a stand .

We can write all day long here about society and its bureaucratic regulation , organization and control of the means of violence to numerous real and fanciful conclusions .We have chosen instead to simply present a situation that was resolved and publicly noted .

If presenting a picture causes this individual some misery then so be it .He did harm adele , a defensless crippled senior citizen .We personally damn him for that .

perhaps NYPD will notice this post and look for this guy , watch him .Perhaps the system will get him on its radar and go for him .

but it remains that he harmed one of the weakest of the weak , a truly generous good hearted soul and was "summarily" punished for it .that is what happened . Such happens every day in the streets down here . Some of these things we report here .
It was requested that "What some long time LES people think." would be heard.

I lived on the LES back in the good old days, and then again for a couple of years recently.

Bob Airhood is far from a judge. He is someone who is on the scene, sometimes in the shadows, and often posted right in the open at the central point of reference of the Tompkins square area. If anyone knows what has been going on, it's him. If he has not seen it for himself, then he has an abundant ammnt. of colaborators who have. I have personally witnessed him taking in information from various sources, and passing no personal opinion or judgment being that he did not see it for himself.

There is a lot of violence, danger, insanity that abounds on the LES. Often the violence is between consenting maniacs. This Bob showcases as a point of interest.

Often there are conditions or situations in which certain people get into that besides being of interest, can possibly be helped by being featured on this blog. By doing this, Bob supplies a service to the community.

Everyone on the LES including the LAW knows what goes on at the Chess Tables, and what kind of folks mingle there amongst the homeless and hard core clandestine chess aficionados. There are no secrets there amongst the regulars. Judgment and punishment is usually swift. If they excommunicated someone, you can bet it was for a pretty severe reason....

So getting to the point. As a long time resident of the LES, I say that Bob is not passing judgment or making personal opinion calls.

Yes, there are those of us who post our opinions here in the comments section. That is our right. Bob is gracious enough to allow it.

He is merely showcasing exactly how it is on the LES. Neither more, nor less.
DefChef--why not give Adele some money or shut up!
Thanks Bob and SM for yr replies - again, I am (was) just looking for insight, nothing more (or less - ha).

I appreciate that Bob maintains this site despite costing what I imagine is a considerable amount of time and money....and I appreciate that he invites comments and addresses them directly.

Finally, to do you know I don't ALREADY give Adelle money? Or maybe I AM Adele?!?
The hosting for this site and domain is free, but I imagine Bob makes (has made) considerable investments in his equipment.
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