Monday, November 23, 2009


L.E.S. Jewels , Emil and Cobra ; White Folks on Avenue B and All the Usual Saturday Night Things ....

Early Saturday evening L.E.S. Jewels , sitting on Joanie's bicycle , said that though he was "gettin' a buzz on" he hadn't had a drink for 2 weeks . He claimed that he had been busy looking for a job ; that he was trying to turn it all around . Well , Jewels started with a Cobra this early Saturday evening and Emil , who was already many hours ago launched , just kept floatin' along wrappin' his lips around what ever floated by .This time it was Cobra for the 2 of them .
Jewels apparently spent a long and busy Saturday night . At 5 in the morning one of the Mars Bar bartenders told us that the Mars Bar staff had expelled Jewels 8 times during the evening . We were told that as the bar was being locked up , Jewels was still asking why he couldn't come in and drink .
In another reality on the other side of Tompkins Square Park a very orderly line of white folks walked quietly from Tompkins Square Park to avenue B and then up the avenue . We have no idea why they were all so white and quiet .
Things on St Marks Place were as usual , folks drinking , screaming and wearing unusual head gear .Much the same on avenue A .

the white folks were there as part of the artist terrence koh's performance art piece. i wanted to go, but was out of town.
Another fine day on Avenue A....
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