Sunday, November 29, 2009


On St Marks Place : What's Happened to Barney?

Barney has been fucked up for a long time.
He's looking healthier.
Like quite a few other childhood TV stars, Barny hit rock bottom after scandals about his shoe fetish hit the tabloids.

Landing on the LES in a drugged out, drunken stupor, he has been hanging out at seedy veniews where his perverted ways are tolerated.
i hung with him last night..he's doing better since he stopped dropping all that acid..
Barney is parked in front of the best shoe repair joint in the East Village in my humble opinion. The guys who run it are so sweet and the prices are cheap comparatively.
I agree with you Julie.
They also make a mean custom sneaker.

Hey Eden, weren't you the one that turned him on to the brown acid in the first place???
Yeah, but that was at woodstock! Get over it! har!
Get over it?

I'm still having flash backs.........

Where's David Peel when you need him???

But then again, he's still having flashbacks too. How many times has he given you his card Eden?????
One thousand times.
Yes, I guess when your trippin, 1000 is as good a number as any... Har...
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