Saturday, November 07, 2009


Behemoth Kneels to Graze ...

We already knew that this would be an expensive beast to design and build .But according to 21 Elephants the price tag is a whopping $116,000,000 :
In these new financially uncertain times we have to ask how will Cooper Union afford not just to pay to build this building but also to maintain ( finance as well as maintenance) this very complicated , technology laden building into the future . Will this small private college with a very small student population receive the necessary funding in government grants , private and corporate donations or endowments ? And as Behemoth who " eateth grass as the ox ", will this precious boutique academic institution of necessity turn to graze on more of the East Village neighborhood to create a greater real estate revenue base to support what it has already built ?

They own the ground under the Chrysler Building, so that must bring in a lot of $$$...enough to keep tuition at $0.
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