Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Political Rants , Territorial Imperatives , Marlene Returns to Jail , Mosaic Man is Housed and the Cut Man Returneth ...

Beer in hand , a well soused Cochise glared , jabbered and slobbered in response to all the entertainment at Ray's tonight . Tonight Cochise was charmed by an animated Mosaic Man haranguing Trotskyist Karl as dogs pissed and sniffed .
Last week Marlene (a.k.a. Hot Dog ) was returned to jail . This time her incarceration is on Rikers Island and will amount to at least 30 days . She was taken into custody by police on 2nd avenue . According to her friends , her crime amounted to pounding on a door with an onion. Marlene just 2 weeks ago spent a long week end in jail for disorderly conduct .
As we have shown here several times this summer , Mosaic Man has been living on the street . But for the last month or so Mosaic Man has been domiciled in an RV on St Marks Place . We do not know how long this domestic situation will continue .
A few weeks ago we reported that Cut Man Eddy was arrested at the corner of 7th street and avenue A . Most thought that the Cutter would be gone for a while but last night we saw him on avenue A . Some present paid their respects welcoming him back to the street .

I like how Cochise is getting closer...and...closer..in every frame...
Well Eden Bee , Cochise is a curious lad !
Glad to hear that The Cut Man has been emancipated, and am looking forward to seeing pics of the forthcoming mosaic covered Winnebago.

Interesting to hear about Marlene's Riker Sabbatical.

This is just another example of how our freedom is being slowly taken from us.

The preponderance of arguments pro and con, about Gun Control has taken a back seat to the further Orwellian realities that this great nation faces.

Has it finally come to this?

30 days in the hole for Onion possession?

Good thing she was not in a farmer's market zone.......
Kommie Karl (who still manages to get a free gov't check each month for acting crazy - not much of a stretch) looks like a Mutant Ninja Turtle.
Hey Malanowski...
Dude, Hot Dog got arrested for threatening people at a restraunt. THis isnt the govt taking our freedom away, its about Hot Dog harassing and putting kids in danger, even if its over an onion.
The fight needs to be fought about unfair taxes, Unfair rent-hiking, and getting programs to get people off drugs\alcohol rather then just arrest them, throw them in jail for a day and release them back to the streets non-rehabilitated.
Thanks for the anonymous dissertation.

Although I agree with you on this one whole heatedly, I can't help but wonder how you could have taken that seriously.

It's a joke son......

Just like the very idea that certain individuals are allowed to reek havoc on the innocent public.

You can't force mental health or sobriety on anyone, even if you try.

Personally, I don't like hot dog.

Not the ones Ray sells, or the one's that have randomly taken swings at my friends or myself in the heat of alcoholic / psychotic delirium.

By the way, my name is Malanoski. The W, pronounced V, was taken out at Ellis Island.

Another case of the Govt. taking away the very essence of our being....

Fight the power!
I hope Marlene is okay.
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