Saturday, October 24, 2009


Marlene Returns From Rikers ....

It wasn't just pounding an onion on a door that got Marlene (a.k.a. Hot Dog )some time at Rikers . That's what her friends had told us . Marlene Friday night added to the story : she also hurled a bottle at someone .Whatever , her sentence was 30 days .
Marlene told us that they treated her well after being arrested . She was in the hospital for a week and then arraigned and ultimately pleaded to get her 30 days , 20 of which she actually served .
On the avenue Friday night she found a party hat and with a half pint in hand tried to have a good time . A party didn't happen though and she decided to nap in the infamous wee wee phone (a.k.a. Pee phone ).
Later she bought a Cobra for a buck and was drinking it when the Friday night beat cop came by and welcomed her back with a " How you doin' beautiful" . Then he told her to hide her beer .Marlene put the beer in her coat pocket .
For a while Marlene talked and drank with some of her friends and some of the folks from Yuca Bar that had stepped outside to smoke . To drink more freely though she decided that it was necessary to depart avenue A for 2nd avenue where she could spange and drink at ease . She spent the rest of the evening on 2nd avenue but returned to avenue A much later to sleep on the sidewalk on a pile of folded cardboard boxes.

I love stories like these when people spend a little time to get to know the story of the person they're photographing.
ohhhh man. She is back!! I work on 2nd avenue. She gets drunk and makes problems.
shes a waste. why don't you help her instead of just taking pictures of her? and i don't mean give her money for more booze. i mean get her "REAL HELP".
Actually she isn't a waste and we do help her . At least as much as she can be helped . We do buy her food ,not just booze . We and others talk with her for hours on end . she has friends .

The pictures perhaps can draw attention to her situation which might by chance get Marlene some help from someone who has the capacity to help in ways that can change her life for the better .

Marlene needs many different kinds of specialized of help . .
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