Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Markey and Friends Johnny "Crutches" and Eden

These are better days for Markey . The last 3 posts concerning him had all shown Markey with the black ,blue and red marks of the beatings that he had endured while living in the street . Tonight on avenue A we instead happily picture him with two of his friends.

That kid with the brown hair is like, "just hold me, Marky!"
Am I reading this correctly that Markey has been able to get off the street?
I am pleased to see him looking better!
I'm so glad to see Markey doing better - he looks well and happy. I hope things are looking up for him.
Markey seems to be both on and off the streets . He is doing better .He is now writing a bit for L Magazzine too. He is more social now and seems more positive in attitude . but his problems are far from over
Hey Bob!!! Get it straight please!!! It is "Johnny Crutch"!!!! I should know;I am the one who dubbed him that!!! Please make the proper correction,and inform the public of the deleted plural...thanks!!! "What the fuck are you doin' anyway????"
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