Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Leica M9 Images From Avenue A Tuesday Night ...

The images for the last 4 posts were all made with a new and very rare , at least for now , Leica M9 camera . The camera was made available to us by Foto Care @ 41 west 22nd Street in Manhattan .We thank Jeff , Vinnie and all for this one night opportunity .
We chose to push the camera to its limits for this post . All the images in this post were shot at an ISO of 2500 .Of course the imaging is even better at lower ISOs but we wanted to see what the camera would do in the extreme , which is how we would most often use it .
Of the images for the other posts , all except the St Marks post were shot at ISO 2500 . the St Marks image was shot at ISO 1250 .

Looks like the weekend started early this week!!!Beautiful photos. I love the colors and themes. Thanks for the camera info. too--
What amazing shots..truly dazzling! Where has the femi-nazi been lately though? I miss her posts! Maybe she's working on her erotic stories again?
This is my favorite by her:
Do you hang out on Avenue A, intentionally seek out degenerates, and then hang out with them to feel "edgy"? I think the photography is interesting, and you're obviously dedicated to your craft, but I don't really understand the purpose of this blog. It seems to be grossly misrepresenting life in the East Village as it stands now, sans maybe Avenue D. I know the East Village/LES blog clique wishes we could return to the 80s, and in some respects I do too, but it's just nowhere near the reality of the situation anymore. Sure, there's a handful of homeless people who hang out near Ray's and at one corner of TSP, but the vast majority of the people on any given night are students and young professionals looking for a good time. If you're looking to only represent one very tiny aspect of life in the East Village (i.e. poverty), why not go to the projects on Ave D/Columbia St. and get photos there as well?
Wow, I'd say that camera works great. I've yet to master shooting in the dark with only neon light...
Where do you hang out AG? Do you actually take time to look at what is in the streets of the East Village ?

Yes there are large numbers of students and young professionals all over the place today . But there is also another world that you apparently can't see . There is still a considerable culture ,or perhaps should we say demographic cohort , that exists right under your nose .Some of it is even quite dangerous. Its there all the time too.

Students and young professionals are among the least interesting of groups to experience ; certainly among the least interesting to photograph and write about .We are aware that so many of the self-possessed acheivers that have over run the EV lately often find what we do less than worthy . Photographing and blogging as we do this ignored culture though is certainly more challenging and more interesting than doing a real estate , bar or restaurant blog .

We present this neglected culture because almost no one else will bother to do so .If you take some time and scroll back on NMNL you'll notice that we have covered a good many other subjects too .Many different subjects including some that are rather technical in substance .We on occaision even bother to cover just the news because no one else does .

And don't for a moment suspect that we are some kind of lefty activist . we are not .We are not longing for the "good old days" either . We did not vote for the Bamster either .

What we are trying to do is simply show the things that are right under people's nose every day .The things that are in the street that the people "that matter" step over on their way home to the 60 inch flat panel to watch reality television .

Wake up.
oops..I linked good old femi-nazi's wonderful orgasm story wrong..she is quite the writer!
Wow-The femi-nazi's stories are so sexxxy-i can't even think straight enough to link them! I wish they included a photograph of good old sue-cady with one of her infamous push-up bras on..They really DO work miracles! Go Victoria's Secrets!
well said Bob...
Dont let the white collars tell you how to run your blog. No one wants to follow them to their Bowery Hotel bar and watch them kick game to drunken SOHO models who are all on a combo of Meth and Heroin. Actually maybe it would be a good read.
Good one Bob!

Yes! This blog is a fantastic veniew that showcases the obvious to the oblivious....

Harsh reality albeit sometimes amusing.

Musings that cross the surreal with reality, albeit real. Not sugar coated and over priced.

Better than a porn site.....well...maybe not, but .....
ahh! forget it........
We just don't run with right crowd to cover models on Meth and H with perhaps some porn too .Sorry S. and anonymous .
Bob's blog is almost better than his stalker's vitamin sex site! She took down all the good stuff but has links to all her erotic stories! What more can you ask for in an older woman? Push up bras and vitamin sex!
The femi-nazi is my dream cum true!
Bob, keep on keepin' on. You're a fantastic journalist.

Now, about this free Leica: You'd better not talk too loudly about it: The Federal Trade Commission might be on your behind! ;-)
Bob, I've been reading your blog for a year or so, and although I've always meant to leave a comment, I just never got around to it. But since AG was criticizing your work, I thought I'd give you some encouragement.

I am so thankful that you document the little seen and too often unacknowledged lives of those who appear in your blog. I lived on the streets around TSP back in the late 90's, and I recognize a good number of the faces I see here.

I am encouraged every time I check back in and see your work. Yes they're fucked up, but so was I. Maybe they didn't make it out, and maybe they never will, but they're people and their stories deserve to be told. Even if the ones whose lives you document never fully appreciate what you do, at least for the moment you are taking their photo they know that they are not invisible.

I've managed to get my life together, and I don't often disclose my past to people I meet. But often when someone brings up homelessness and clearly lacks understanding about the many factors that bring someone to the point of destitution I direct them to your blog. I've never known someone to look at your work and not come away with a new perspective from what they've seen.

Thank you.

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