Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Eden's Band Mentioned in "Page Six" of the New York Post

Eden's band "Eden's and John's East River String Band"was mentioned today along with R. Crumb in the NY Post on "Page six" .Folks were looking at the copy on avenue A last night .

Heehee..can't believe I was on Page 6 still..Britney's sushi diet, Paris Hilton jumping out of a cake..and me. Haw!
You misspelled "NY COMPOST"
Heehee. True 'dat!
Congrats Eden!!! And thank you Bob for this post!!! Eden,you are for sure like my best buddy...but you have to admit,Paris Hilton jumping out of a cake,sure does beat all!!!! Yup....
Well, it depends what kind of cake i guess. If it was like a giant twinkie™, then i guess she has me beat by a mile!
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