Sunday, October 18, 2009


Drunk with Blood on His Hand on Crusty Row...

The call was for a heavy bleeder in Tompkins Square Park . If the man pictured above had been a heavy bleeder he likely would have bled to death . The call confused locations in the park causing a considerable delay in finding the location of the injured man . Fortunately the cut , though bad , was not bleeding dangerously .
Just a few weeks ago we pictured this same man ,Tim , being hauled away to the hospital . This time it was a cut hand . Previously it was a head wound due to a drunken tumble on the sidewalk .
We do not know what caused the cut on Tim's hand . Perhaps a broken bottle . Possibly a knife which would make this a more involved and topically important story .
This story goes nowhere as do most of the daily stories in the street . Mostly the same people are seen in trouble or in violation of a law , again and again . Police , Fire Dept and various medical personnel deal with it all daily . Mostly the same situations , sometimes violent , sometimes not , repeating again and again .

Regardless of the lack of bleeding, it's a good thing they took him to the hospital.

Open wounds on crusty row are an invitation to a plethora of infectious complications.

By the way, that's going to be the name of one of the bands that I am forming here in California...
Hey Steverino,

What's gonna be the name of your band? "Open wounds on Crusty Row" or "A plethora of infectious complications?"

Either sounds pretty fucking cool to me....
Hi Chris,

Actually it is just Infectious Complications.

Insiders, and veniews with small marquee, will most probably just refer to us as Complications.
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