Friday, September 25, 2009


A Saturday Night Episode From Avenue A : A Thong's Tale ...

Police were called to the avenue A block between 5th and 6th streets around midnight to deal with a man with a knife . There was no knife but a very drunken Coney Island Mike and an equally besotted drinkin' buddy were annoying the more properly drinking crowd outside the several bars along this block.
We noticed that Mike was frequently reaching inside his Levis to adjust an ill fitting pair of thong style under wear . This necessarily frequent rearrangement maneuver could conceivably have been mistaken as the reported "man reaching for a knife" .
No one should have been surprised to see Mike and his buddy on this block this night . They are on this block 24 hours a day . Frequently for days at a time its their home . A convenient home too : near a groceria with an unending supply of cheap beers and a liquor store a block away for the stronger stuff when sufficient money is in hand.
Our errant boys received a lecture from the police officers at the scene and a command to leave the block . One of the bouncers on the block was advised to grow a thicker skin . The cops left .
While Mike , thong in hand , took a stroll with faltering step up the block , his pal sat down in the doorway of the groceria . Mike shortly stopped , tugged on the thong and glowered , in a way that only the thoroughly soused can manage , at the folks sitting at the tables in Benny's Burritos . He then continued , haltingly wending his way off the block . Mikes drinking companion stood up and right away fell over striking his head .
The ambulance arrived . The technicians helped the clearly injured fellow to his feet . Mikes pal was taken to the hospital for the treatment of his wounds and some much needed time in the detox ward . Mike and vexing thong went to Ray's .

I'm pretty sure that that's Timmy aka The Claw.

The man personally responsible for the out break of head lice in TSP after last years punk rock shows.
I love the second to last image, where he's being taken away on the gurney. There's something Orkin-esque about it, I immediately thought of "American Girl in Italy"
Yes Cary there are components of this image that takes one back to a ruined wall somewhere other than avenue A .It's the wall in the background and all the folks casually lounging on the steps and in the darker recesses in the background .the dark saturated look of ruin prevails here .All of this background of course has nothing to do with the central figure whose on his way out . Just as is the young woman enduring a critical moment in Orkin's picture . .The wounded guy here has nothing at all to do with all the background figures . Some of these elements can be seen in Ruth Orkins picture .

This image for some of these reasons took me away to somewhere . Thanks for pointing out where it was that I was dreaming to.
That's funny.
First I thought you were talking about pest control. "Orkin" Which made sense being that they were taking away a pest.

Then after doing a google search I realized that you were referring to a picture that Roldan has hanging in the bathroom of his dojo.

This blog never ceases to further ones education and appreciation for finer things.

boB is god.
Yeah , It does educate you S. , but it rots your brain too. Just so much mush will be left of all of us .
The cop on the left in the 1st photo is kinda he available? ;-)
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