Saturday, September 26, 2009


Police Stand Watch after BBs Fly on Avenue D ...

The word in the street tonight was that someone was shooting people with a BB or pellet gun down on avenue D . We were told but could not confirm that 4 people were hit today by some kind of non-explosive powered projectiles .We of course went to investigate at the scene of the action tonight .
When we arrived at the foot of avenue D near Houston Street ,we found a Patrol Borough Manhattan South van parked along avenue D . A police officer confirmed that a few individuals were hit with some sort of non-explosive powered projectiles this afternoon . These projectiles were reported to have come from somewhere among the tall buildings along the east side of avenue D. The officer did not know whether the weapon was a BB gun or an air pressure powered air rifle. We could not determine how serious any of the injuries resulting from the reported multiple hits were .

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