Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Perry Como Sings at Ray's and Hot Dog is Released From Jail ...

Every night since Ruairi gave Ray his old computer Perry Como has been singing at Ray's Candy Store .There's an occasional exceptional evening when there is a greater diversity of artists performing but Perry is always in the mix somewhere to some extent .
Tonight at Ray's it was pretty much the usual routine , Perry and Perry and Perry and.... something different... and Perry and Perry... .
The hot news on the street tonight though , indeed the only news on the street , was that Hot Dog was released from jail today . The girl was locked up all week end . Word was that in order to celebrate her release she was out on a bender with her man , John .
We do not as yet know the disposition of her case or the charges .

Oh! hot diggity, dog ziggity boom, what'cha do to me,
It's so new to me, what'cha do to me,
Hot diggity, dog ziggity boom, what'cha do to me,
When you're holdin' me tight!
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