Friday, September 11, 2009


A Midnight View of Tompkins Square Park's Newest Rat Farm ...

The Rat Farm above is a stunning example of a natural wildlife habitat established in an urban park . Sited right on avenue A near the new children's playground it is conveniently placed for the public , young and old , to enjoy .
Mothers now can both take their children to play on the jungle gym and then take their wards to witness real wild animals dig , play , court and copulate .Youngsters can experience first hand "nature red in beak and claw" as a hungry Red Tailed Hawk occasionally snags and gorges on some incautious rodent . They can also watch rats go about finding and consuming their daily sustenance , society's discarded left-overs .
Located right next to the fence on avenue A the Rat Farm is readily accessible to working folks on their way to and from work . Oldsters and the lame too , on a cane or in a wheel chair , can easily witness nature resplendent , wending its inevitable course , without having to endure a nuisance trek through some too challenging natural obstacle course.

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