Thursday, September 24, 2009


Marlene and John in Tompkins Square Park ...

On their second day out of jail Marlene (a.k.a. Hot Dog) and John were in TSP .They had been arrested together late last week in TSP on Crusty Row and were incarcerated until yesterday afternoon .They were released free and clear with no charges remaining .What punishment that was meted amounted to the weekend served in jail . Earlier in the day they had been in China Town and had some more problems with the police.
While Marlene was running some errands in China Town , John took a nap on the Bowery side walk at the corner of Canal Street . John claims that he was awakened by 2 police officers who held a gun in his face . John says that with the barrel of the gun right up close to his nose he was questioned about why he was sleeping on the side walk .There was no arrest this time and John walked away . This is what the recently freed couple had to tell us today as they relaxed in TSP.

I love the hats!!
...and the hats? "What the deal with the hats?" as Jerry Seinfeld would say...
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