Friday, September 25, 2009


Free Punk Show in Tompkins Square Park on Sunday at High Noon

The Punk Show is free

But the boner is $40.00

That's how they get ya.......
Yes S. , You are the first to notice . You get a free one !
I noticed too--but said nothing!
Sorry only one free boner Melanie . Contest rules .
That's ok Melanie.

You can have mine:-)
Because a certain 9th precinct cop has refused to do his job in issuing a sound permit (for which the concert organizers were prepared to pay the usual $45 that goes into a mysterious NYPD slush fund somewhere), this show is being relocated to Club Europa at 98 Meserole Ave in Brooklyn (718-383-5723.)

The show is on from 2-6pm and the admission is free. For more info, go to
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