Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Cut Man Goeth ....

This evening around 6PM according to a witness a few males including Cut Man Eddie (a.k.a. Eddie the Cutter ) were arrested in Tompkins Square Park near the chess tables . Through the open door of the police van some males already in the police van could be seen to be wearing red T-shirts .
This arrest appeared to be a drug bust . We did not witness the arrests and few were talking so we are guessing here . The team of cops looked like a narcotics team . Very efficient and effective , a no nonsense sort of operation .
For Eddie this probably will be a costly arrest . Word is that he is still on parole so he will likely be gone for some time .
TSP has lately been one of the places to go for drugs , all kinds , with considerable business on a daily basis .

Good Riddance. Another reason my kids dont play in TSP. Those chess tables are getting really dirty over there, with those old black guys selling heroin
I'm really sorry to see Ed go down like that. I knew another side of him.

He and I had some good times together in the past.

I remember helping him move into the 3/4 house in Brooklyn the day Obama was elected.

Man!, his mom is an excellent cook. Eddie would spend hundreds of dollars on groceries for her, and she would cook dinner for us. Good times.....

What was it that someone wrote about under cover cops being so obvious?
That they're really obvious?
he probably went to the Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center where instead of getting help got directed to more drugs/death.
With all the heat earlier this summer I thought everything moved out of the park. With so many arrests at the chess tables, I assumed no one would be dumb enough to transact there.
The park was chock full of folks and all kinds of fun this summer .Most days that included a bit of a drug supermarket around the park too.
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