Sunday, September 13, 2009


Beer Bottle Throwing Spree on 4th Street Saturday Afternoon Ends with Arrests on Avenue A ...

According to several eye-witnesses who had witnessed the group of 30 or so charge down 4th street around 5:30 PM Saturday , the confrontation that ended with at least 2 arrests on avenue A started at the corner of 4th street and avenue B . As the mostly male group charged down 4th street several beer bottles were hurled . According to some in the group some of the bottles struck people .As far as we could determine no one was hurt .
This group of 30 or so was apparently composed of one larger group and a smaller attacking gang of 8 to 10 much more aggressive young males , 2 of which we saw being arrested at 66 avenue A . According to a woman with the larger group , her group had been at the East Side Tabernacle on 2nd street for an awards ceremony for her group of children . The awards were given to the children for playing basketball . Several of the boys in the group displayed their just received awards that were hanging around their necks .The picture above shows some of these children standing at the scene of the arrest at 66 avenue A .
Police responded to this disorderly situation with notable alacrity . A call for all units available to respond to a condition of civil disorder on 4th street and avenues B and A was made and 20 or so police officers were on scene shortly .
We do not know why the smaller more aggressive group decided to attack the larger group of children , driving them down 4th street while hurling beer bottles . At the scene on 4th street we could see and smell several broken beer bottles .

I got hit on the head with a beer bottle once in the park. NOT FUN.
I have seen this happen multiple times before when was in high school. It would never reach Avenue A but instead went across houston from D to, maybe, tops, B.

Lord knows I have eaten a knuckle sandwich or two from the more "aggressive" kiddies leading the pack.
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