Sunday, September 20, 2009


Be a Fool . Mess With Ray and His New Security

haha that guy is awesome.

Will eating hot dogs make me brolic like that?
I may not know karate..but I know ka-ra-zy!
What the fuck is in those dogs Ray is serving?

(I heard he's been spiking his Lime Rickies with LSD!)
That's my buddy Hanshi Wilfredo Roldan!

From what I can imagine, it's a smooth deal.

Unlimited Kosher Dogs in exchange for a psychopath from just around the corner on call "just in case...."

Hey Bob, you had better keep the camera ready and the EMS on speed dial.
as if ray's wasn't filthy enough, now he has this dude's feet on the counter. yum!
No--Ray gets the best out of people.
Great shots.
Hey Anonymous shit brain,

The last time you were in Ray's he had to fumigate -- 'sup wif DAT??
By the way, Anonymous ass,

Everything at Ray's is made to go -- no one eats off the counter!!

You dopey dope....
Hey Chris Flash! Are you a power bottom? How about you go drink the pee on the payphone on 7 and Ave A. I think I saw you there picking up guys for car-dates
i think its lame how there are a couple of guys that stayed posted up on this blog and talk all kinds of shit about the neighborhood and people that post here. case in point: making a big deal about someone's comment about ray's counter. people do eat there, actually, i've seen them. relax and/or get a life.

big fish in a little pond.
Pretty brave of you to post as the "Anonymous" douche that you are!!

Your cowardice speaks for itself....
for those of you that want to go a little wild with the language attacks just note that it is a red belt that Roldan wears . Thats way beyond black belt .Mess around at your own peril .
That's right!

Remember what the sign said.

Snow hang out................
I pay a lot of respect with a guy with Goju-ryu red belt...hope he teaches my son some Kata while we wait for Belgian fries!
open message to chris flash: calm down, tranquilo, relax, take it easy. it's not that serious
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