Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Amy's Masks

She is beautiful.
Hi--welcome back--just saw Jules on the Avenue.
Wow -- Amy's back! She's a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day....

She's a truly beautiful soul....

This is Anatole from the coffe shop yesturday. Cool Blog I like all the pictures of Tompkins. You take a lot of pictures at night I guess that is the new advantage of DSLR.

Jewels is back? Great because I really like it when he shows his junk when my kids are out walking the dog on Ave A.
Jewels isnt a bad guy sober, but he should stay in jail
Yes he is back and all was on display . He took a couple of beat downs too .
Amy is truly a beautiful spirit!!!!
Jewels already got beat up? Geez! He wastes no time!

And thank you for the four leaf clover -- you're the only person I know who can find them....
Where was Jewels...jail?

And: I wonder how his presence in the area will effect the semi-regular teens-on-intoxicateds assaults that were a hallmark of this summer...
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