Friday, August 21, 2009


St. Marks Place

Damn Bob! You must be bored.....

I remember back in the 60's & 70's and even the 80's when that street was really happening.

Now all one can wonder is "what happened???"

Status Quo Ala LES.
Yes , we are retiring soon . Not much out there anymore .Bored , bored ,bored . All the old war wounds are slowing us down these days too sonny .Just ain't nothin' goin' on thats worth lookin' at . Goin' to have to just give it all up .Have to hang up the guns ....rather cameras .
I'm so disappointed to hear about your retirement! Your blog has become a morning ritual of mine as of the past few months. But you're right - I guess not much is going on these days. Where is Jewels?? Either way, your photos are terrific and at least I will always have the archives...
That would be a damn shame!

This blog is one of the few joys that I have in my life.

Wow! That would be pitiful if it were true.....

However I beseech thee to continue on sir!

Or I'll move back to the LES and wage a terrific spree of malcontention that has yet to be seen on the so called mean streets of the East Village.

Picture that!
If Bob hangs it up, then the feminazi wins....don't do it Bob!!
I love the hats-the color-the movement-hope to see you in the park soon.
L.E.S Jewels is said to be returning any day . Avenue A is waiting .Some are overwhelmed with dread .Some just don't know what to say or do .The neighborhood with Jewels again? Mind boggling my friends .
Change of plans with the St Marks photo, Bob:

THanks all the same. -- DD
I love these photos--especially with the red and blue color effects--I also love St. Marks Place--Now-Then- and Forever! Rock n Roll.
Thank you Melanie.
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