Thursday, August 06, 2009


Shots Fired on 2nd Street Wednesday Night ...

Wednesday night at 11:15 a police helicopter appeared in the the sky over 2nd street . Shots had been fired earlier in 2nd street . Though according to a witness there were 3 or 4 rounds discharged there were no injured victims nor ambulances noticed at the scene . The helicopter had been called to sweep roof tops in the block bounded by 2nd and 3rd streets between avenues B and C with a very bright search light looking for those who had fired the shots.
Second street east of the firehouse was cordoned off to avenue C while police searched for material evidence ,most likely guns and spent cartridges . We noticed police searching a car with Florida plates at the scene and picking through flower boxes and garbage cans on the block .
Perhaps as many 3 suspects were taken into custody . Two of these suspects were lined up against the firehouse wall likely for witnesses in a building across the street to identify . These two were then taken in cuffs from the scene in a police decoy taxi cab .

What is up with all of the violence recently. 8th Street is practically shut down between C and D and no one is making any money. The kids on the block say it is shorties trying to come up, but I wonder if there are developers behind them trying to drive down prices for new buildings when the economy recovers.
'eh, some windows over on 1st street between 1st and 2nd were shot this past week. can't remember the date - though i remember being told it happened at about 5am.
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