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Second of 2 Weekend Concerts Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the TSP Riot ...

Marlene was there ; the cops were there . But where was the Tompkins Square Park riot concert ? The concert with little if any notice had been moved to Green Point by its promoters and NYC Parks Dept. permit holders .
Even though weather radar indicated accurately that 3-1/2 hours of the 4 hour concert permit period was to be and was sunny the performers performed at a club in Brooklyn and not in Tompkins Square Park , the site of the historic riot of 21 years ago , where many locals felt the concert belonged .
Though we are certain that some in the neighborhood around Tompkins Square Park were happy to not have a Sunday concert to contend with , many others were not happy with this gang's taking an important people's concert to another borough . Anger among some who felt robbed of an important historic weekend event is especially keen because the previous day's attempt at a concert was so extraordinarily , pathetically incompetent .

Obviously, there was no desire or motivation or ability to produce these shows properly. The pretenders who acquired the permits for these non-events had no right to deprive those of us who could have done the right thing this past weekend.

What a fucking embarrassment....
I agree with Chris
Chris knows better than anyone!!! This is really embarrassing;also there is no excuse...just some selfish people with there heads up there ass wanting to play boss!!!! Everything we're supposed to detest in our community!!!!
dam dude i went both fuckin days to tompkins man and there was nothin there its fucked up it really is man
It would have been better if Hot DOg ran the show
you all are being overly critical and whiny. i doubt you've said this to the promoters face though you probably know who they are (if not, ill introduce you - chris and jay (hell, include bob too) - as i know both you and the promoter). it's a small "community" here and there's no need to talk unnecessary shit.

sure saturday was a bit lackluster but the promoters and bands did their best given a few of the circumstances/last minute changes. all in all, i ended up having a fun day. atakke killed it, don't know if you saw that.

i'm fairly certain sunday's decision was made when it looked as though the rain wasn't going to end. in lieu of having bands drag equipment to the park and then cancel the show - why not move it to a venue if given the chance? unfortunately a local venue couldn't be found but a venue in brooklyn was offered. free NYC show and $ SoCal show (fear/agent orange/di/etc) at the same venue --- sure beats canceling.
AK: I DO know the promoter in question -- so what?? The majority of people in the activist community feel the same as I do, whether or not they've expressed themselves online. And I know the details behind the scenes, probablty better than you, but I've held off on airing too much dirty laundry publicly.

Read my post carefully: what I said was that if promoters of shows do not have the means or willingness to put on proper shows, they have no right to snatch up permits for culturally significant dates and make a half-assed effort to put on shows.

Saturday August 1 was not a "bit lackluster" -- it was a fucking travesty!! NO p.a. and NO stage -- I heard that some of the bands cancelled for this reason alone. I was there and EVERYONE I spoke with was disgusted, as I was.

Sunday August 2 was even more absurd. There was NO need to cancel because the rain stopped at almost exactly 3:00pm, revealing a beautiful sunny day. This would have allowed for at least a three hour show vs the four hours provided for under the permit.

I and others have put on shows in the rain, somtimes stopping temporarily until the rain subsided -- we NEVER gave up without at least checking the fucking weather FIRST. An accurate reading of where a storm is going and how long it will last can be seen by way of the internet or any hand held Blackberry. There was NO excuse for cancelling the Sunday show!!

So, you say a space was found in Brooklyn at the last minute? Funny that there was NO ONE in the park, nor any sort of sign in the park telling anyone WHERE in Brooklyn that was. You call THAT better than cancelling? I don't!!

If the promoter couldn't do these shows for whatever reason (lack of money or desire, etc.), then he should have done the right thing and passed the permits on to those of us who WANT to put on shows in the park and do them RIGHT.
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