Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Mosaic Man" and the "Slacktivist" Promise New Tent City for the Homeless ...

From a park bench in Tompkins Square Park at closing time tonight two of the neighborhoods more infamous homeless veterans , Mr. Power and Mr. Penley , announced that a new tent city would rise from nothing the Friday after next at 8PM .... right in front of the Christadora at avenue B and 9th street . Both Mr. Penley and Mr. Power feel that in this difficult time of ours it is necessary for all of us to do good works , including helping all homeless and especially homeless veterans .
According to Mr.Penley , inorder to present their case for veterans without homes effectively , Mr. Penley and Mr.Power are placing their tent city at the Christadora where those running council person Rosie Mendez's re-election campaign live . Of course the Christadora is also the iconic symbol for the beginning of the gentrification of the East Village which displaced so many . They offer that their efforts next week will just be the beginning and that a tent city the equal of the big TSP tent city of the early 90s will come to pass . They and others are now inviting all of the metro area's homeless to show up , dig in and build their own personal shelter . We'll see .
Tonight homeless veteran Jim Power who has been spending afternoons and evenings in TSP napping with dog Jesse Jane claimed that he was confronted and threatened by a woman and what she referred to as her "homies", a group of 10 to 15 young males , on the central lawn in TSP . Jim was able to talk his way out of a problem .No one was harmed but according to Jim real threats were made .
From Jim's description of the woman and the young males , this cast of characters sounds like some of the players in some of the attacks in the TSP area earlier in the summer .In fact some of the names and faces he cited were familiar . Whatever , being homeless is not a good thing and Jim is definitely homeless again .

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