Thursday, August 20, 2009


Late 90s : Orion's Epistle Posted at 7th Street and Avenue A

So, back then, the PEE Phone was the Poetry Phone?
Yes ..... well sometimes anyway . Folks still managed to piss on the hand set frequently .

This picture was taken at a time before the cell phone so this phone was actually used by normal folks to make normal phone calls ,not primarily by drug users for placing drug orders . Thus there was always a good bit of coin in the phone's money box . That money was regularly harvested by criminal harvesting specialists using propietary harvesting techniques several times a day . Sometimes there were even serious fights over who had the rights to all the coin in the box .
I made a call on the Pee Phone back in the 1980's maybe once or twice. It was grungey then too.
Given current events as they are and the fashion for change , perhaps the name should be changed to the "wee wee" phone
In a time long ago, when the sushi place on 8th and A was a pizzaria, and Niagra was called A/7, you used to be able to accept incoming calls at the pee phone.

If you were gangster enough to have a beeper, you would get a beep and wait at the pee phone for your call.

The NYPD got hip to this, and the phones no longer rang for incoming calls all of a sudden.

But then again, the supposed drug calls were not so important being that most of the bodegas sold 20s of coke and or dope, and the Aztec was still around for those who had the balls or connections to brave entering into that DMS official hang out.

Not that I had anything to do with any of that.......

Ahh the good old days,when men were men, and yuppies were yet to buy up all the good apartments.

Chris Flash needs a haircut.......
thanx to the Bamster , definitely the "Pee Phone" now has to be the "Wee Wee Phone " . We need change here too.
Do you remember in the 80's when the City removed the fireboxes because there were payphones everywhere, now the payphones are being taken out because supposedly we all have cell phones aka govt monitoring devices.
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